October 26, 2012

Get Into the Spirit When Traveling: Dress Up!

If you are traveling, it is likely that you will be seeing things that you don’t commonly see. In certain parts of the country, there are festivals that coincide with fall holidays like Halloween. During other times, there are still events that might be more fun if you get into the spirit of things. 

No matter where you are going, when you will be there or what the event is, if you are the only one that is not dressed in costume, you might feel funny. Before you head to your destination, find out what kind of events you will be attending as well as what options are there in case you get some additional time. Always sample everything that life has to offer because variety is the spice of life.

Halloween Fun and Fall Color Festivals

In some parts of the country, fall’s colors are the biggest lure for travelers who come from miles around to see the trees in all of their colorful glory. Festivals that celebrate those trees are all over and often feature things like costume contests and other Halloween themed events. This is also the time of year when haunted houses, creepy cornfields and other scary attractions crop up. You never know, you might be asked to join in at one of these at your destination, especially if you are going to be hanging out with friends and family members.

Renaissance festivals are also very popular. While many people will go dressed in their regular clothes, others like to go in character and become part of the festival’s entertainment. You can dress as royalty or a serving wench and will feel like you are transported back in time.

Year ‘Round Attractions

In other locations, the costumed fun is going on all year round. Buying funny costumes on Pricegrabber can let you go to these attractions and be part of the fun. A word of warning though: before you go to any of the major amusement parks that feature costumed characters, ask about the dress code rules. A young girl was asked to leave one of the biggest of these parks because she was dressed in one of their characters. It would be very disappointing to get all dressed up and find out that you are not going to be allowed to stay in the park unless you change your clothing.

There are other parks and nearby events that will actually encourage you to show up in costume, though. Comic book conventions and similar events are always better when there is a huge turnout of fabulous costumes. The more that you put into what you are wearing, the more fun you will have. Remember, at some of these conventions, the fans get a little carried away and they will call you on any mistake that you make in your details.

Other Tips

Consider the right costume for the activity and the weather. If you are walking and it is warm outside, you don’t want to have a heavy, full body costume on. Don’t insult anyone’s culture and don’t wear anything that might be too revealing for a family friendly atmosphere and don’t forget – costumes are meant to be fun so don’t take yourself too seriously.

Image by Juhansonin