July 28, 2014

Celebrating bingo one more time!

Families that travel together often have to find their own entertainment – after all, there are so many journeys you can handle with incessant questioning about your arrival time! That’s why family-friendly games like bingo are often used. Not only do they pass the time, but they’re simple enough for everyone to understand.

For those who’ve played bingo before, you’ll know that there are plenty of great things about it – but perhaps everyone’s favourite is the definitive bingo calls that accompany each number. With 90 numbers used in the game of bingo that means there are 90 bingo calls in total and a new campaign by Costa Bingo has chosen to celebrate them all!

This has been done by producing visual representations of each bingo call through the medium of video. Each clip lasts just a few seconds and summarises the bingo call for a specific number. They were filmed by everyday people like you and me and uploaded over a series of 6 weeks so that everyday bingo players can now find a definitive video guide to all 90 bingo calls on Costa Bingo’s YouTube Channel.

As fans of bingo, we wanted to share this celebration of the game one more time and the perfect clip for that is the one shown below for Number 79: One More Time!