April 24, 2013

Sort Your Finances Out Before An Epic Family Holiday: Managing Your Money Abroad

Heading aboard for an epic family holiday that you have always dreamt of? Say goodbye to wads of foreign currency when you travel abroad. It’s time to make a “smart” choice. However, before that, giving some thought to sort out your finances can pay you good. You can enjoy a hassle-free and fun family holiday without worrying about your money!!

A Loan for the Holidays!! 

If you are finding it hard to sort out your finances for a fun-filled family holiday abroad, apply for a personal loan to your bank. Believe it or not, if you have a good credit score with a regular source of income, getting a personal loan to finance your holiday is one of the best choices. The maximum amount of such loan is different for different banks, with variable interest rates. However, if you manage to bag a lucrative deal with lower premiums and rate of interest, nothing better than funding your holiday with a personal loan! Alternatively, some companies are able to transfer funds directly across banks internationally. A 0% balance transfer is really handy, which is why I’d recommend something like Lloyds TSB – incredibly useful when my family and I were traveling through Japan last year.

Payday loans are also a good option when you have a poor credit score, but it comes with a higher rate of interest, which might pinch your pocket when you pay out of your next salary.

Did you visit the Bank?

Wondering why? This is one of the most important things that you should do to efficiently sort out your finances before leaving for a holiday. Get an idea of how much money you have in all your accounts with the bank. If needed, deposit some as well so that you never run out of money on your family. After all, you want to give only the best to your family on a holiday, and you can never compromise with that due to lack of funds in your account, right?

However, the most important thing that your bank can help you out with is whether your debit-cum-ATM card or credit card is acceptable abroad. Carrying a globally-acceptable debit card or credit card can save you from carrying cash and also delivers the convenience of shopping. However, not all cards are accepted abroad, and hence, you should make this clear from your bank. Generally Maestro and Visa debit cards are accepted all over the world or you can use Lloyds TSB debit-cum-ATM card for use abroad.

Get a Prepaid Card

If you have time before you leave on a holiday, get a travel prepaid card that comes exceptionally handy to manage your money aboard. Just refill it with a certain sum of money whenever you need, and use it to make purchases or to withdraw cash. All your travel “fund” is accumulated safely in this prepaid card that is acceptable across all major shops, restaurants, and other buyers’ point across the world. It’s safe, convenient, and at the same time, makes it easier for you to manage your money.

Don’t Touch your Savings

It’s unwise if you leverage your savings such as fixed deposits, etc. to fund your holiday abroad. Keep it for emergency and other important priorities of your life. There are loans to finance your holiday and that too at lucrative rate of interest and premium amounts!! Be smart and choose something that you won’t regret later.

Sorting out your finance before planning a holiday is a good way to manage your money abroad. Be stress-free and enjoy a fun-filled holiday with your family!!

CC Meyersph