October 24, 2012

Travelling as a Family through Kenya

Looking forward to a relaxing and thrilling holiday? Well why not take a trip to beautiful Kenya, an African state that still holds true to its culture and is donned with countless natural sceneries, interested much? The following read offers comprehensive information on travelling as a family though Kenya and some helpful tips that will definitely make the whole trip a lot more fun and exciting.

Travelling as a Family through Kenya – A Hot Spot

Quite famous for being the home of the Famous Five, Kenya is a hot spot for those that like adventure and fusing with nature; the rich culture of the Kenyans coupled by the sights and sounds make this destination the perfect place to have a relaxing time with family, however, with the current world economic status, it can get a tad bit costly to cater for the travelling, hotel and food, the following tips might come in handy when travelling as a family though Kenya, read on for the full details.

Travelling as a Family through Kenya – Plan Well

To start off, planning is everything; before you start packing for Kenya you should first search for a hotel that fits within your budget all the while offering you complete value for your money. Using the internet as your search platform, you will be able to view quite a number of hotel websites in Kenya, their pricing and discount packages if any. Since you are travelling with family, it is always advisable to settle for hotels that have family friendly policies as they will help save on cash.

Travelling as a Family through Kenya – Timing, Timing, Timing

Apart from planning, timing is also a key factor when it comes to traveling. The whole point of going for a holiday is to leave the struggle behind and relax, for this matter it is always best to travel during the off-peak seasons so as to avoid the congestion. Besides, Kenya is full of beautiful sceneries and the weather is always pleasant all year round so you will never miss to have a good time. On the same line, choosing to travel during the off-peak seasons will help you save on travel costs as the air tickets tend to be less costly.

Travelling as a Family through Kenya – Prepare for Illness

Knowing how children are susceptible to illnesses it would be best of you to carry drugs for them. Carry allergy medication and most important of all make sure the little one get their shots. Keep in mind that Kenya is a tropical country offering preferable weather for mosquitoes which cause malaria. Pack your bug sprays and sun screen in case you have any plans of heading out to the beach.

Travelling as a Family through Kenya – Eat Wisely

As you travel through Kenya, it would be impossible for you not to notice their unique yet exotic cuisine, still the pricing might set you a little bit on the edge; therefore to avoid such you should consider eating in restaurants that are further away from the town center. Get adventurous and go for the more affordable restaurants within the residential areas.

Travelling as a Family through Kenya – Tour Guides

Lastly, travelling through Kenya is more convenient in the case that you get a tour guide company to take you places and tour the best that Kenya has to offer. While renting a car might seem like the cheaper option, you might find that the traffic rules are quite different from your country’s traffic rules.

So there you have whether you are looking to stroll down the sandy beaches of Lamu or go mountain climbing on Mount Kenya, touring Kenya will definitely leave you with fond and memorable moments only if you have the right tips to help you save on money and make the right decisions.

Post by the Meneas Family, Image by Lukasz Dzierzanowski