September 27, 2022

What draws people to the sauna?

Finnish people have historically used saunas more than anybody else for both health and pleasure. In Finland, 90% of the population visits a sauna at least once every week. People are “saunaing” (yes, that is a real phrase!) as part of their normal routines as a result of being aware of the effects saunas have on their aesthetics and health. People use saunas in their homes, spas, and the locker rooms of fitness centers. Both the Scandinavian and Finnish cultures love the sauna. Like how American employees get to know one another at happy hour, coworkers frequently communicate in the sauna. A little sauna break might be helpful for many of us. Sauna services are offered by spas, gyms, and even individual residences with indoor saunas. However, building a sauna at your home may cost you from between $6,000 to $11,000 or more. How can we use our personal saunas every day? ZZIM NANG, a versatile, transportable carbon fiber blanket, enables you to take a far infrared dry sauna whenever and wherever you choose.

Mobile far infrared dry sauna, ZZIM NANG.

Long-wavelength far-infrared technology is used by ZZIM NANG to provide consumers access to sauna experiences whenever and wherever they want. Feel the extra comfort of using your private sauna at your place. Cleaning is not a concern for you. Simply clean ZZIM NANG off with a wet cloth after use, and then run the power for 10 minutes to freshen it. The far infrared wavelengths will eliminate any leftover odor, leaving your blanket fresh and clean.

You’ve never seen a blanket made of carbon fiber better than this.

ZZIM NANG features strings on both sides and a zipper. Open the zipper if you want a sleeping bag. Get into ZZIM NANG and close the zipper before going to bed. Often, a sleeping bag makes it difficult to move your arms. ZZIM NANG has two arm slots that let your hands move freely for added comfort. You may use ZZIM NANG as a cozy mat by laying it on the ground. In the current Kickstarter campaign, there are two more features of ZZIM NANG that you may read about.

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ZZIM NANG was created so that everyone may take use of a far-infrared dry sauna whenever and wherever they want. ZZIM NANG gave special attention to people who reside in cold climates and those who are more exposed to the cold. They paid special attention to the product’s portability and compactness when designing ZZIM NANG. This remarkable piece of innovation is currently available for pledge on Kickstarter.