September 10, 2021

Small vs Large Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks are about much more than functionality and whilst that is their primary use in the room, we also have to bear aesthetics in mind. A great looking kitchen sink can also contribute towards the overall theme which you are trying to achieve in the space. Beyond styles, colors and features, the first thing to consider is whether to go for a large kitchen sink or a smaller one. To help you weigh up this choice, here are some of the pros, cons and considerations which you can expect when deciding on what size sink you go for.

Playing With The Space

The most obvious consideration to make when you are selecting the right sink for you is to think about what kind of space you have. After all there is very little point in placing an oversized sink in a smaller kitchen. Conversely, you could certainly get away with placing a small kitchen sink in a large kitchen, allowing you much more space to make an impact with your workbenches.

Considering Use

A large kitchen sink —providing you have the space — is always going to be the smartest choice for those who use their kitchen a lot of who have busy households. The look of the sink in the kitchen is important but most importantly is the way in which we use it. A large sink can handle rinsing, washing and food prep far more easily than a smaller option possibly could. If however you are on your own or don’t use the kitchen very often, there is little point in bringing in a large, multifunctional sink.

Costs Involved

There is no exact science when it comes to size of sink on price, but it would be wrong to assume that larger options are cheaper on the whole. A small kitchen sink could in fact cost a lot of money if you are looking at high end materials or custom made design. The larger sink is more likely to cost more than a smaller one, which is something else which you will need to consider here.

Depth of the Sink

When we discuss a large kitchen sink we often think of length, but depth is equally as important. Many smaller sinks may not occupy much space on the countertop, but they can offer the depth which people require for usage. On the other hand we also see long kitchen sinks which offer less depth. The choice here will come down to how much space you have underneath the counter for the depth of the sink.

The pros of the large sink is that you can make a bigger impact on the space and you will usually be able to count on much more functionality in the kitchen. With this being said, you may also find that the costs are much higher for a sink of this size. Smaller sinks will work great in a variety of kitchens and what they lack in functionality, they usually make up for with regards to the cost of the purchase and the ease of maintenance going forward.