September 26, 2021

How To Get Your Child Excited For Bed Time

There are a lot of ways to get your child excited for bedtime. You can try the usual routine, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to work.

We tend to go through the same routine with our kids, day in and day out. And if you have been wondering “where is the fun” this article is definitely for you. We are taking a look at some bedtime activities that will help improve your child’s sleep pattern and make him/her feel more comfortable when it comes to going to sleep.

The first thing that you have to do is try out new things with them. Your little one might have grown up doing things the same way, but now it’s time for you to mix up their routine. Here are some things that you can try out:

1. Play A Bedtime Song

This is a very simple way to get your child excited for bedtime. You can simply play a song that you think will encourage your kid to go to sleep. You don’t have to sing it or anything like that, you can simply hum it and let them listen to it. This will give them the feeling of being in their favorite place while they are relaxing in bed. If you want to use some songs as a bedtime activity, then you can try out lullabies and nursery rhymes.

2. Read Stories and Play Games

You might think that this is just an ordinary thing that most of us do with our children, but there are a lot of advantages that come along with it. For example, if you read stories to your kid before he/she goes to sleep, then he/she will feel more at ease while going to sleep. You can also play games with your little ones, to keep them entertained during the bedtime routine. For example, you can have a pillow fight or watch some silly movies together. Of course, trying not to hype them up too much.

3. Play Some Music

If you have a kid who loves music, then what you can do is buy him/her a speaker. You can then play some relaxing and calming music for them to listen to before going into their bed. This will help your kid feel better while he/she is going to sleep, and it will also help you get the whole family ready for bed at the same time. Alternatively, a white noise machine with therapeutic rain or ocean sounds has been achieving wonders 

4. Get The Environment Ready For Bedtime

This is something that most of us already do. As you know, sleep is something that happens when your brain rests. If there are too many noises or distractions in the environment when you are trying to prepare it for bed, then your child might feel uncomfortable while going to sleep. So, make sure that the room is clean and free from clutter before you get your little one ready for bed. You can also use scented candles or incense to make the room smell nice and relaxing.

5. Ensure They Love Their Bed

This solution to getting your child excited for bed might seem obvious. However, I assure you it isn’t! As children, they are more prone to let us say move around their bed. It is rare to find a child that doesn’t do some type of rotation in their sleep. A solution to reduce this is to ensure their mattress is both supportive and comfortable. When a child loves their bed, they feel safer, experience less movement and their sleep quality improves dramatically. 

A children’s memory foam mattress is a good solution as it offers great support for the developing child but more importantly guaranteed comfort night after night. Also, as a bonus mention, no harm has ever been caused by purchasing your son or daughter’s favorite character bed sheets or pillowcase. If your son loves The Avengers let him every night sleep with Hulk or IronMan.


Try these ideas and see if they work for you and your little one! The most important thing is their environment. A relaxing and safe environment that you provide them will definitely have an impact. Aside from getting your child excited for bedtime, it’s equally as important to get your little one ready for bed. As you know, there are a lot of things that will impact how well they sleep at night, and that includes the mattress that you choose. For example, if your child is too hot or too cold while going to sleep, then it might lead to a lack of rest. This is why it’s very important to get them a mattress that fits their needs perfectly, in addition to adding these above elements to your nightly routine.