October 23, 2012

5 Great Reasons to go to Marrakesh for a Family Vacation

The ancient city of Marrakesh, located in the southwestern region of Morocco in northwest Africa, is filled with incredible history, culture and beauty. It is a unique and beautiful place to visit and is an exceptional vacation destination for families. The city of Marrakesh, commonly referred to as the Red City due to the reddish-orange sandstone used to construct the red walls and many buildings throughout the city, is family-friendly and a great way for children to learn about the culture and traditions of the Morrocan people.

5 Great Reasons to go to Marrakesh for a Family Vacation – Accommodation

Enjoy beautiful family-friendly accommodations suited for all ages. Many riads in Marrakesh (traditional Morrocan houses) are child friendly and have family suites with various activities to keep everyone busy. Most riads appear very plain from the outside but upon entering the building you find captivating interior courtyards and beautifully decorated rooms and suites using vibrant colors and lush plants, combining Morrocan tradition with all of the modern comforts of home. Plunge pools, which families are ecstatic to have access to particularly in the hot summer months, and rooftop terraces are often available which provide a relaxing escape from the busy city. Many hotels, both traditional and modern, as well as exclusive luxury resorts are available for families with loads of activities and entertainment for all ages. Many riads, hotels and resorts have picturesque views of the surrounding Atlas mountains and the city.

5 Great Reasons to go to Marrakesh for a Family Vacation – The Cultures and Traditions

Explore Jemaa el Fna square in the heart of Marrakesh’s old city and experience first-hand the culture and traditions of the Moroccan people. The square and marketplace is typically very noisy and a constant hustle and bustle of activity with vendors selling pretty much anything imaginable. Kids will love the daytime activity and entertainment where they can see snake charmers, barbary monkeys, musicians, singers, boy dancers, acrobats and so much more. Kids can get an authentic henna tattoo in a Moroccan design by one of the henna artists in the square or take a horse and carriage ride around the square. Relax at one of the many surrounding terrace cafe’s where you can watch the sights and listen to the sounds of all of the activity and entertainment going on in the square while enjoying genuine Moroccan cuisine. In the evening the air is filled with the smells of the many different foods offered by the food vendors that occupy the square at night.

5 Great Reasons to go to Marrakesh for a Family Vacation – The Landscape

Enjoy nature and the beautiful, scenic outdoors and desert landscape in this semi-arid climate where you’ll find mostly sunny skies. Kids will love taking a ride on a brightly decorated camel, going horseback riding or taking an exhilirating ride in a 4×4 vehicle over bumpy sand dunes. A visit to Jardin Majorelle Botanical Gardens, encompassing 12 acres of lush plant life, beautiful flowers, sparkling ponds filled with turtles, and brightly colored buildings offers a relaxing getaway from the busy city.

5 Great Reasons to go to Marrakesh for a Family Vacation – The Water Park

Oasiria Water Park in Marrakesh is a virtual paradise for families in the hot summer months where everyone can cool off with activities for everyone from little ones through adults. The park caters to families with clean sparkling pools, well maintained gardens, a pirate ship for youngsters, water slides, a lazy river, restaurant, and for the brave at heart, a Kamikaze slide.

5 Great Reasons to go to Marrakesh for a Family Vacation – The Food!

Moroccon cuisine is a great way to experience a part of the Marrakesh culture. There are many family-friendly restaurants where kids can try different authentic foods and drinks like mint tea, a popular drink in Morroco. Tagines is a favorite stew made of lamb or chicken for families to try. It is cooked with vegetables and many different spices as well as ingredients like raisins, olives and apples. It is actually named after the clay pot that it is cooked in. Couscous, Harira, Pastilla, Kofta and Kaab el Ghzal are all great Moroccan foods for kids to try. Many restaurants also offer international cuisine and as a backup, good ole’ McDonalds and Pizza Hut are also located in Marrakesh.

Image by David Stanley Travel