October 23, 2012

A Magical Holiday In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known to be one of the happiest cities to live so we decided (me and my husband) to take our two kids over there for our annual out of the country trip. The kids had never been happier. They got excited with the thought of visiting Disneyland and Ocean Park for the first time. It was also the first time for me and hubby to go to Hong Kong so we also don’t know what to expect when we arrived.

I wasn’t so sure if he would enjoy the place but I heard that food and shopping were great in Hong Kong so I think the thought convinced him. After 9 hours of flight, we landed at Hong Kong International Airport. We immediately jumped on the train heading to Disneyland.

A Magical Holiday In Hong Kong – DisneyLand

Beforehand, I already reserved our stay online at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. A tip here is to book it way ahead of time as you get some room and ticket discounts. When we arrived at the hotel, I immediately noticed the rooms we got. I loved it! We booked two rooms with a simple door in between so it was perfect for the whole family. There are a lot of things to do and see in the hotel. They have a lined up activities for the kids, toy shops and a nice piano-shaped swimming pool with a water slide. We left our things and rode the free bus shuttle to Disneyland.

When we got there, it was a huge surprise. Hong Kong Disneyland is so much more than the regular theme park. Aside from plenty of rides to choose from, there are a lot of fabulous attractions like parades, shows, and experiences to watch. We were able to witness the Flights of Fantasy Parade and it was very spectacular. All of us loved the characters, vibrant colors, music and the positive energy that the show is giving us. We spent two good days in Disneyland and I can say every minute was worth it.

A Magical Holiday In Hong Kong – Ocean Park

We visited Ocean Park on the third day as we got a tip that it’s overly crowded during weekends. We had fun seeing the jumping dolphins and giant pandas. We also visited the Zoological and Botanical Gardens that housed a lot of mammals, birds and reptiles. Admission was free.

A Magical Holiday In Hong Kong – Victoria Peak

On the last day, we visited Victoria Peak. All of us really enjoyed the view of Hong Kong above. We took the tram through the skyscrapers, skylines and steep hillside going to the top. The kids were very delighted and amazed as the ride makes its way up. They also enjoyed the ice cream and food bought at the top. We then proceeded to Central Lanes and Stanley Markets to shop. We bought a lot of items for the kids including shoes, clothes and toys. The hubby enjoyed buying really affordable gadgets. Overall, our trip to Hong Kong is so far the best we have had as a family. We will definitely go back again.

Post by the Montano family, Image by Francisco Diez