October 20, 2012

Tips on Travelling As a Family through Italy

Travelling together as a family can be a great way to explore new places, as well as an opportunity to bond. There are numerous, popular world class travel destinations, and amongst them is Italy. It is also known for being a very family friendly travel destination. The following are tips you can use to help you get the most out of your trip to Italy as a family. 

Tips on Travelling As a Family through Italy – Consider your family’s travel style

Travelling as a family will mean you have to accommodate the tastes and interests of everyone involved, even the little ones. It helps to know what kind of activities each family member enjoys. This way, you can plan both indoor and outdoor activities, as well as trips to see the famous churches and art museums in the city. If you have small children with you, you will have to consider the means of transport you will use, and how far from your hotel you are able to go.

Tips on Travelling As a Family through Italy – If possible, travel to Italy during the off-peak season

The country is usually packed with tourists during peak seasons like Christmas and Easter. Instead of travelling during this time, wait until the spring or fall, where you will still be able to enjoy touring the country without encountering throngs of excited tourists. Aside from just avoiding crowds, you may also be able to acquire deals on hotel rooms and tourist attractions. However, if you have planned on travelling during peak season, make sure you make reservations and bookings well ahead of time.

Tips on Travelling As a Family through Italy – If you have young children on your trip with you, make plans to stay at a hotel or board with a kitchen

A lot of restaurants in Italy tend to open after 7pm, and after a day of exploring and excitement, your child may need to eat and sleep early. Having a kitchen gives you the freedom of preparing a meal for your child, while still maintaining his/her eating and sleeping patterns.

Tips on Travelling As a Family through Italy – Avoid taking a stroller with you on your tours

If your child is young, and cannot walk yet, it is advised that you take a backpack baby carrier. The streets of Italy are often full of people, motor vehicles and mopeds. It will difficult enough trying to navigate a baby stroller on such streets, hence it will be much easier to carry your child in your arms.

Tips on Travelling As a Family through Italy – Make sure you check and recheck opening and closing hours on any tourist attraction

It would be a great disappointment to haul your family halfway across a city, only to find the place closed. Some of these hours may not be readily available, so if possible, ask an attendant or call the tourist attraction you would like to visit, and confirm it with them.

Tips on Travelling As a Family through Italy – Before taking your family to go see various historical sites and arts, it would help for me to brush up on your Italian history

That way, you will ensure that you get to visit every place worth going to. Check on arts and museums that are family friends, and that your kids will enjoy. Also look out for parks where you can have a packed lunch in between tours of various places.
These are just a few tips on travelling as a family through Italy that will help you get the most out of your trip.

Post by the Raisa Family, Image by Paolo Margari