February 20, 2012

Fed Up With Work? Get On a Quick Getaway to a Tropical Island

Whether or not you’re applying for a credit card (信用卡), the hustle and bustle of the working lifestyle can sometimes take its toll on everybody. If this is the case, it’s time to take an exotic holiday, somewhere far away, somewhere deserted and reclusive where all the woes and troubles of ordinary life can’t find you. You will most probably need a credit card with you for any unprepared expenses. Maybe American Express Cathay Pacific credit cards would be the best choice given the travel related benefits  you will be able to enjoy including free Marco Polo Club (馬可孛羅會) membership.

For such a mythic location, consider a tropical island; need one more good reason? Here are five exceptional reasons:

Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe, part of the Andaman Sea, is a hidden gem by all intents and purposes. It is part of Thailand and is the smallest island in the area, making it great for those who seek a tropical paradise and secluded getaway. Its slender ‘boomerang’ shape is made up of three fantastic beaches: Sunset, Sunrise and Pattaya (芭堤雅).

Its petite size means that vehicles are not required and many visitors are challenged to whip on their swimming trunks and swim around the island; it’s that small! It’s absolutely perfect for scuba-diving as well.


Evoking that renowned postcard image, a gloriously white beach, completely unspoiled, surrounded by a mass of green and an ocean of pearly blue, Tahiti is another paradise, situated in the French Polynesia region of Oceania. It’s essentially a honeymoon spot, surrounded by natural beauty and closed off from the troubles of city life.

It’s recently become a renowned spa destination as well and many of the resorts showcase this with gusto. The thatched-house bungalows lying over the water are fantastically whimsical holiday ideas, great for those who can afford such a treat.

Mnemba Island

Located just off Zanzibar, Mnemba Island (尼姆巴島) is certainly a sight to behold. With dolphins swimming freely through the clear waters at all hours, it’s a space so secluded and reclusive; it’s highly likely you’ll never wish to leave.

It’s not far off the African coast and so boats to and from the island aren’t hard to come across. Its wildlife also helps set it apart from other tropical islands and guests can, safely, swim with green turtles and, impressively, the biggest fish in the world, the hulking whale shark.


Bali is a must-see for any budding traveller and is one of the tourist locations of the world. Visitors come to sample the utmost delights of the island, from insanely good surfing spots to thriving bars and restaurants. This is an absolute paradise for tourists who don’t want to indulge themselves in something too reclusive. The weather is consistent and since 2008, the island has been regarded as a much safer environment, branding it a great place for visitors, assuming they’ve done their homework beforehand, so they know exactly where to go.

Curacao (庫拉索)

Close to Venezuela, this is the absolute Caribbean lifestyle in a nutshell. This island, exhibiting everything that gives the Caribbean such a wondrous appeal, is great for diving with its unique coastline. The unique seabed suddenly gives way, causing the coast to suddenly drop, adding something a little extra.

The Dutch-esque villages combine a quaint sense of the Caribbean and the Netherlands, great for crowds of people to enjoy some festivities and ideal for those who want to soak up the sun all day long. The climate is fantastic and the island lies below the hurricane belt as well.

CC Wisdoc