October 27, 2012

A Family Vacation In London

When in Europe for a vacation with the family, one of the most recommended places to see is England. This is home to some of the beautiful and interesting places in the world. England is one of the “home nations” that comprises the United Kingdom or the U.K. and it is home to some 52 million people in Europe. This place is famous for its rich medieval history and lovely places. Each city in England has their very own tourist attraction that vacationers would love to see. In this article, we are going to explore the wonderful place that is London which is a suitable destination for you and the family. This article aims to provide useful information on the places to go and the things to do whenever engaging a family trip in London.

A Family Vacation in London – Where To Go

Try wandering in the streets of London and marvel at the splendid architecture of the many buildings. Or maybe go to the British museum or the National Gallery and see the beauty of their art collections and gain more knowledge about their history. Apart from that, there are other landmarks to see like the Buckingham Palace, the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, and the ever famous the “Big Ben” clock overlooking the cityscape. After a long day of walking around with your family, have some dinner at one of the local restaurants that abound the city and enjoy the local foods that will definitely suit your palate.

A Family Vacation in London – Going On An Adventure Trip With The Family

Aside from taking a tour around the cityscape, you and your family could do more adventurous activities on other places close to downtown London. Try going to other areas and see some ancient structures such as the Stonehenge which stood erect at Wiltshire, the Devil’s Arrows located at North Yorkshire, the Rudston Monolith which is the largest among England’s megaliths. These marvellous structures will surely captivate your minds and wonder at the purpose of establishing such amazing constructions. Moreover, these places have been reported to be areas where Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) abounds. Try camping on one of the designated camping areas and you and your family might be fortunate enough to witness a flying saucer or even get in contact with the third kind!

A Family Vacation in London – Castles and Ghosts

If your family want to have a once-of-a-kind vacation experience, try visiting England’s castles and imagine how Kings and Queens lived in the past. Some of these structures are reconstructed, while some are made centuries ago. It’s a wonder how these castles can last long and built to last. Aside from that, some castles are believed to be haunted. So seeing some ghost can really be an extraordinary experience which you and your family can definitely enjoy (or rather, be terrified with it).

A Family Vacation in London – Just Go Already!

Travelling to England will surely give you a wonderful experience and a lot of cherished memories that your family can share with your relatives and friends once you get back home. So book your flight to London and have a great time.

Post by the Calo Family, Image by FoxyPar4