October 30, 2012

A Trip To Greece For The Whole Family

A lot of people think that traveling with the whole family is going to be boring. With the perfect destination, as well as impeccable planning, a trip outside the country is something that the kids and the parents will definitely enjoy. It is always better to choose a destination where no one in the family has ever been. It would be a great element in the trip where every family member will be in awe upon arriving at the vacation destination and in all the little adventures they’re all going to go through together.

A trip to Greece would be a wonderful trip that the family can embark on together. Aside from the historical landmarks that the city of Athens has, Greece as a country is rich in culture and other beautiful spots that tourists will love. There are many islands and cities in the country that the whole family can visit. Visiting the popular island of Santorini, basking in the sights of the historical wonders like, The Parthenon, The Acropolis, the Temple of Poseidon and the Delphi Theater would be an unforgettable experience. Even if you won’t be able to go around all the tourist attractions in Greece, there would be a lot to see and enjoy, as well as a lot of cultural and history appreciation that you and your children can experience. If an opportunity for a vacation to Greece will come to your family, it would be best if you grab it. Even if it takes months or a year of planning and saving, it will be worth it. The memories that you can give to your children in a magical and historical place like Greece will be like no other.

Travelling as a family through Greece is not cheap, but is definitely doable with the right financial preparation. You can think of it as a reward for yourself, and for the kids. Greece does not require a Visa for all passport holders of the US and Canada. Most citizens from different countries are not required for as long as their stay in Greece is not going to last for more than 3 months. Thus, all you need to prepare are your passports and the application of your kids’ passports.

You also need to contact a reliable travel agency that can give you great deals on travel packages; that would include airfare and hotels. It would not hurt if you hold a family meeting and ask everyone which places in Greece you would prioritize. Everyone should have a say on the places to visit, and then reach a consensus. That, of course depends on the number of days you will be spending your vacation for. A research on the places in Greece that are good for tourists would do well too. There can be assignments made for each family member on whatever preparations that are needed for the trip.

On the vacation itself, make sure to go to sights and have activities that all the members of the family will enjoy. The most important thing besides the destination is the company that you’re with. You’ll have to prove to your kids that traveling with family is fun and memorable. The kids might never have the chance to travel to Greece again, but they would be happy to share someday that they’ve done it with Mom and Dad and the rest of the family.

Post by the Feina Family, Image by Kiwanc