February 1, 2013

Traveling with an Infant: How to Make the Experience Enjoyable for Your Kid

Even an adult may feel uncomfortable on the eve of their first ever airplane flight. It’s totally a unique travel experience compared to other form of transportation after all!

Being the fastest means to travel across the world however, air travel is the most preferred option for families wishing to head beyond their national borders for a nice holiday somewhere abroad. Traveling in this way with an infant is certainly more challenging for parents. If it’s the first flight for your kid, you have to take preparations seriously. Let’s explore some effective steps that’ll keep you and your toddler comfortable during their first flight.

Tip #1 Prepare Your Child for the Journey

Make sure your child has slept overnight before the journey. Examine vitals and check for any abnormalities (fever or cold) you might have to take care of. Let your infant watch your activities, your preparation and your packing so that they feel part of the team and can begin to appreciate the atmosphere. Don’t allow your baby to eat anything potentially harmful in the lead up to your journey. Keep essential medicines in your bag just in case.

Tip #2 Moving Through the Airport

Just as you have to cross all the security barriers at an airport, your child will also have to do the same. Take your stroller with you and move smoothly inside airport as you go through the motions. Make sure you check the stroller at the right counter and take a transparent bag to keep hold of your kid’s stuff. Doing this will let you find things more easily. Take a blanket to keep your baby warm and comfortable during the journey. This will also help your infant feel better when resting on your lap.

Tip #3 Ear Problems

It’s very important to notice if your child is suffering from ear problems due to rise of pressure in the internal ear that people get when flying. One way to counter this is to get an earplug. Additionally you should carry a nipple feeder. Scientists say sucking action prevents air blocks across the tunnels of an infant’s ear. If you don’t fancy that just make sure you closely observe if your child is uncomfortable during takeoff or landing. It could be important!

Tip #4 Take Extra Clothing

Taking extra clothing for both you and your child (and nappies or diapers) is essential. Either you can change these while at the airport, or you can even do that in the lavatory of the aircraft. Many parents often neglect the importance of extra clothes for themselves. Remember one thing: if you’re not comfortable with your clothes, you can’t keep your kid at ease.

Tip #5 Stay Calm

Finally you have to stay calm and relaxed before and during the flight when traveling with an infant. Take sufficient time to prepare yourself for the flight and let your kid enjoy the new experience. If you’re in a hurry and irritated, your kid will often react likewise. Often it becomes difficult to keep calm when you’re on a busy and hectic schedule. That’s why you need to pay extra attention to time management. Most importantly of all though, make sure your kid is enjoying the moments under your warm attention and care as flights can be fun!

Parents are becoming more concerned about the psychological states of their infants when traveling. Research and apply the fruits of it on your kids and flying needn’t be the hassle its often imagined to be.