January 28, 2013

Great Family Friendly Restaurants in London

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London, no doubt, has many restaurants, and most of them offer a list of delectable cuisines and a perfect ambience. However, while thinking of eating out with kids in London, you are in the search of family friendly restaurants. If you live in London, you might be aware of many such restaurants, but if you are a tourist things can be a bit difficult for you. To make things easier for you, below are mentioned 5 great family friendly restaurants in London.

Nando’s Restaurants

Nando’s is a pretty large chain of restaurants offering the most delectable Portuguese food. The one food that you just cannot afford to miss is chicken prepared in their very famous sauce, it is their specialty. When you go out to eat with your family you look for a restaurant that understands kids. Nando’s is one such restaurant that makes special efforts to make sure that families have the most amazing experience. Similar to any good family friendly restaurant, Nando’s offers a special kid’s menu. The best part is they also have arrangements of various competitions, activities and games to keep the kids busy and happy.

Giraffe Restaurants

Giraffe restaurants are yet another good choice when looking for family friendly eateries. They have branches near important tourist areas. The best thing about Giraffe restaurants is that they know how exactly to keep families happy by providing much more than just fries and burgers. They offer an international cuisine and have a special kid’s menu with a varied choice of food. To keep the children happy they have coloring and drawing games, and they even offer balloons to children.

Belgo Centraal Restaurants

Belgo are a chain of restaurants offering Belgian cuisine. Their fries, mayonnaise and mussels taste great. They offer various other dishes, but it is their mussels that make them famous. Together with offering delectable food they are also known for the great way they treat the families dining in their restaurants. Children under the age of 12 are allowed to eat free of cost, which makes it a perfect place to dine with family. Moreover, they also have various table quizzes and games to keep your little one busy.

Smollensky’s Restaurants

Smollensky’s caters specially for kids on weekends. The restaurant has magicians and clowns to entertain the kids, a special menu for them, and each kid is also given a balloon and a goody bag. The child’s menu has been split in a very interesting way. One part is for those who are under 7 years old, and the other for the older children. Your child will surely have a great time, and so will you.

Wagamama Restaurants

Wagamama chain of restaurants specializes in noodles. They have bench style seating which makes the place quite spacious, something that your kids are surely going to love. They have a separate small menu for the kids. The food served is delicious, something both you and your kid will love.

Each of the restaurants mentioned above offers a completely different, but equally enjoyable experience, something that you will appreciate and cherish for a long, long time.