September 19, 2018

Planning a Family Reunion in the San Francisco Bay Area

Are you looking for a place to have your family reunion in the San Francisco Bay area? This part of the country offers lots of choices for families looking to gather with their brood. There are several different types of options from the most formal resorts to campgrounds that allow you to get close to nature. Of course, once you’ve chosen the location for your family reunion, you’ll want to make sure everyone arrives safely without getting lost. Booking a San Francisco charter bus rental is the perfect way to do just that, and will also give everyone the catch up and start bonding along the way.

The place you select for your family reunion will come down of course to which option best fits your needs. Here are some of the best options for your family reunion.

Above San Francisco on 300 mountain acres in the town of Soquel sits Kennolyn, an all-inclusive retreat that has been specifically created to be the perfect spot for family events. The resort began hosting weddings, family reunions, special events and retreats in 1995 and today it is one of the most sought after places to in the San Francisco Bay area. The venue has two different areas that are aimed at satisfying the needs of two different types of customers:

The Hacienda – The Hacienda is where events including weddings, parties and all day events are thrown. All of the food, furniture and supplies you need to throw an event are included and their crew will help you design, set-up, decorate and coordinate your event every step of the way. The venue will only book one event at a time so the entire space is yours for your family reunion.

Stone Creek Village – Fashioned like an old western town hidden in the mountains, Stone Creek Village is their overnight lodgings area. Stone Creek village can accommodate 67 people and is the perfect place to relax and let time stand still. There are lots of amenities for guests to enjoy including hiking, swimming, basketball, volleyball, rock wall climbing, ping pong, and putting. You can even have campfires at night and roast marshmallows for the kids. Kennolyn is easy to reach and provides parking for guests. Best of all, you can have your reunion and also relieve some stress.

Wyndham’s Family-Friendly Resorts

Wyndham has a number of hotels in the area that cater to retreats and families. They include the Inn at the Opera, the Suites at Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Donatello. The hotels can definitely accommodate your reunion no matter the size and some rooms even have in-room cooking facilities. The hotels all have pools and banquet rooms of different sizes that you can rent for an event and provide catering and assistance if needed. Hotels can be great for get-togethers but you will need to have a coordinator to make sure that everyone is clear about what festivities are planned and they get there. Also things can get pricy because hotels charge extra for nearly everything you might need.

Dawn Ranch

Sitting on the Russian River and surrounded by beautiful Redwoods, sits the picturesque Dawn Ranch. This quaint in-demand resort also boasts apple orchards, and lots of wide open areas for your party to spread out. The venue is older but well maintained and the amenities have been updated to please guests. They do not have phones or televisions in their cabins however. The focus is to get people out of their rooms and away from their phones so they enjoy the surroundings and comfort. There is a great river beach front, a large the pool, or of course campfires are available. There is a good restaurant on the property and a large meeting room that can be rented for any events you want to hold.

Petaluma KOA Campgrounds

If you want to vary between some comfort and roughing it a bit and get as close as you can to nature for your family reunion, you should consider the Petaluma KOA Campgrounds. It is very popular with families and is well equipped with water, electricity, hookups for RVs, and lodges and cabins are also on the grounds. Amenities include a pool. A hot tub and several barbecue areas. One challenge is that it is often crowded so getting alone time with your guests might be tough. This option will also mean that you will need to bring your own food and set up everything on your own. There is a big kitchen available but you will have to man the grills. There are also several great restaurants in the area.

Each of these options is in the San Francisco Bay area and fits a particular need and might be the perfect place for your family event.