January 26, 2013

5 Family Travel Ideas This Fall

Fall is the best time to visit diverse and beautiful places because the weather is pleasant, the destinations have less tourist and the prices are lower when compared to Winter and Summer holidays. If you have not planned your fall vacation, now is a great time to plan your trip. Here are some fun family travel ideas that will help you in enjoying some of the most beautiful and wonderful places.

Amusement Parks

Most theme parks and amusement parks are facing hard times. They are struggling to survive which means that you can get good discounts when you visit these parks with your family. The steep spike in theme park attendance during summers is over as adults and kids usually don’t go to theme parks in fall. Most theme parks, especially the ones at the beaches, are open for at least a few weeks before it becomes really cold. Fall is the worst time for amusement and theme parks, and aggressive discounts are often available during this period. For example, you can go to Disney World or DisneyLand as they offer fall resort packages at unbelievable prices. You can also check out theme parks and amusement parks close to your home as many parks offer “locals only” discounts during fall months.


Most cruise lines see a steep drop in the number of visitors when the summer season comes to an end. Most cruise liners will reduce their charges by hundreds to make sure all the cabins in their boat are booked. Also, since many cruise lines move their ships from summer to winter destinations, from there to here, you can get awesome itinerates at very low prices. These repositioning cruises include island visit and are ideal for families who are travelling with kids. These cruises also have several clubs that keep the kids busy by conducting events on their ship.

Mexico and the Caribbean

People who are planning a fall getaway could consider going to the sun-soaked beaches in the Caribbean and Mexico. Even though temperatures are still high in these regions, these places don’t get many visitors as most tourists prefer visiting Europe and North America. If you plan your trip carefully, you can save up to 60 percent on your vacation to places near tropics. There are many luxury resorts in the tropics that offer their spaces at steep discounts. The best part about booking a luxury hotel or resort in the tropics is that you don’t need an agent to make your booking. All you have to do is find a hotel or resort you like and the discounts are there.

Coastal Areas

When planning their fall vacation, most travelers overlook the beautiful coastal areas. In the Fall, the beaches are less crowded, the hotel rates are low and so are the humidity levels. Fall is the best time to go for a beach walk with your family and to enjoy outdoor dining. Also, you can enjoy your driving tours without having to deal with the summer traffic. There are several coastal areas in the Southeastern part of U.S. were you can stay with your family in luxury resorts and enjoy the rich culture of the area.

National Parks

If you are planning a short and inexpensive trip with your family, you can visit National Parks. The parks are peaceful and the weather is warm during the day. Since the number of visitors to the parks is low, there is little completion for hotel rooms and camping spots in the fall months. The best time to visit the parks is late October and early November when the leaves begin to change their color. Some of the parks you can visit include Great Somkey Mountains National Park, Glacier National Park, Fire Island National Seashore and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Fall months are a great time to plan your holiday with your family as the charges and rush is low. However, it is a good idea to plan your holiday in advance if you want to get a good deal.