September 11, 2012

The Great Family Vacation: Top Five Family Friendly Activities in Italy

Family Friendly Activities in Italy - Rome

Travelling abroad with children can be a daunting task if you do not have a list of family friendly activities in Italy. Luckily there are five incredible attractions that the whole family can enjoy while visiting this amazing country. Not only is Italy known for its incredible historic value that the adults can enjoy, there are plenty of kid friendly activities that will be certain to keep them busy on your Italy vacations.

Family Friendly Activities in Italy: Museo dei Bambini di Roma

The Museo dei Bambini di Roma is a kid’s museum that will make any day trip a delight. With a multitude of different play centers to spark the interest of both young and older children, you will find this attraction to be one of your best picks for the entire family and is only around the corner from many family friendly hostels in Rome. This museum is not your typical look do not touch exhibits. The play areas are designed to help your kids learn as they play with incredible exhibitions.

Family Friendly Activities in Italy: The Great Colosseum

Your kids will be amazed by the size and history of this incredible structure that they see in their history books. This common tourist attraction is always a winner with both children and adults! Children will be astounded by the stories of the gladiators and the other historic value that this structure has to offer. The Colosseum is located close to many other attractions in the city, you can find nearby Rome hotels for your convenience.

Family Friendly Activities in Italy: The Crypt of Capuchin Monks

Older children will love this scary church that is composed on the skeletons of thousands of monks. Decorated in design with the skulls of these monks, this creepy exhibit is a winner with teenagers and their parents, but may be a little frightening if you have little ones.

Family Friendly Activities in Italy: Bomarzo Monster Park

One of the best attractions for families in Italy is the amazing Bomarzo Monster Park. This site is not only creative, it is funny and scary. This colorful, historic park will provide hours of entertainment to kids of all ages, and parents can relax and enjoy while children are captivated by interesting creations.

Family Friendly Activities in Italy: The Hundreds of Miles of Beach

Due to the fact that Italy is a peninsula, you can’t go wrong with hundreds of miles of beach front of the Mediterranean Sea. There are hundreds of activities on the board walks, sandy beaches that you can catch a spectacular tan during the summer, and beautiful lights and sights in the evening after the sun goes down. With hundreds of miles to choose from, you can pass through a number of different historic towns on the way for souvenirs and incredible Italian cuisine.

Italy is one of the most interesting countries to travel to if you are considering going abroad with your family. Most adults think that it is just for history and cuisine lovers; however, there are so many activities that are designed just for your children. If you are looking for family friendly activities to do Italy, you will be amazed at the selection that is there.