September 20, 2012

Our Fantastic Ferry Ride from Harwich to Hook of Holland

My family and I are always looking for new and exciting holiday destinations to explore. Every year we pick a few places and take a family vote to see where we will be going next. Last year we decided to take a ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland, and believe me, it was one of the most fantastic adventures we have ever been on.

Taking your kids with you on a holiday can sometimes be quite a trying experience, but not when you do it on a ferry. There are a number of reasons that I would definitely take the trip again, and I am going to share my great experience with everyone! This is something that every family has to try at least once.

I would have to say that one of the best things about taking a ferry is the fact that you can take your car with you! This is super cool, because you can pack as much luggage in your car as you want to. You do not pay a cent for baggage and can really pack that car to the brim – no heavy bags to lug around the airport, and NO airport taxes to pay!

There is a designated area for teenagers and children, which means that you can go to one of the two bars with your partner for a relaxing drink and not have to worry where the kids are. Having the kid’s facility is very convenient when you want to spend some “quality” time with your partner – know what I mean?

The luxury cabins are the perfect place to lie down and relax after a fun-filled day of activities. Our cabin had the most comfortable bed that I have ever slept on in it, and it was really great to lie back and watch the huge flat screen TV. Taking a shower on the ferry was very relaxing, but I have to say that wrapping myself in one of the fluffy towels was definitely the best part.

My husband owns his own business and had to stay connected with his staff. We were a little bit worried that something important would happen and no one would be able to reach him, until one of the friendly staff told us that there was free Wifi on the ferry. You can just imagine how happy we were to hear that news!

I told my friend about the ferry and she told me that she was worried about leaving her dogs at home alone while she went gallivanting. I was very quick to inform her that they allow pets on the ferry, so she had no excuse what so ever, NOT to come with next time.

Basically, the trip on the ferry was very comfortable and much easier than trying to catch a plane, especially when you have to take the kids with. I would strongly recommend that everyone give this a try. It is a great experience and we have many fond memories, and some really great photos of our ferry ride.

Post by the Rickson Family

Image by Christian Davies