September 1, 2012

6 Kooky Kid-Friendly Luggage Options

Before you have kids and first decide to go on vacation, kooky kid-friendly luggage options aren’t likely to be something you know anything about. However soon after having children you’ll quickly realise that now on your next trip you suddenly have a whole lot more to carry. The kids aside (sorry, kids) depending on their age, will likely want to bring a whole lot more along with them than they actually need, resulting in an even bigger bag for yep, you guessed it, YOU to carry.

This is where kid-friendly luggage comes in. Some clever product designers figured out that if they could just change kids luggage in some way and make them more interesting, then kids would be more inclined to carry their own stuff (which also helps with their own packing habits later in life). With that in mind, presents to you six kooky kid-friendly luggage options you might want to consider for your next trip.

Kooky Kid-Friendly Luggage Options: Heys Luggage

The Heys Luggage line of rolling suitcases are perfect if your kids have yet to grasp the value of their luggage as they wheel all their possessions across the busy airport terminal or train station. Encased in a hard shell case, the Heys Luggage range are made even more fun by offering LED lights on the wheels that flash as they pull the bag along, as well as by putting your kid’s favourite cartoon characters on the front.

Kooky Kid-Friendly Luggage Options: Trunki Suitcases

These are damn cool, both from the kids and parents point of view. Trunki suitcases are suitcases with four wheels, a seat, and handles, that can be ridden by your kid. If they tire of riding their new toy they can pull it along by themselves, which they also enjoy, or you can pull them along with them sat atop of it – though we recommend you not getting into the habit of this one or they will expect it every time you leave the house!

Kooky Kid-Friendly Luggage Options: Samsonite Sammies

The ‘Funnyface’ line of Samsonite Sammies backpacks are some of the cutest backpacks we’ve ever seen. Designed to either look like a penguin, tiger, turtle, or ladybird, you can also buy the same style designs as duffel bags if you don’t need all the space a backpack provides.

Kooky Kid-Friendly Luggage Options: Trendykid Travel Buddies

Coming in either a Penguin or a Panda variety, the Trendykid Travel Buddies sets consist of a rolling suitcase and a backpack, both of which are shaped (and decorated) to represent your chosen animal. It’s a tough call, but we’ll have a Penguin set, if you’re buying.

Kooky Kid-Friendly Luggage Options: The Bakker Made With Love Airplane Suitcase

This is a perfect suitcase for the slightly older kid. The retro design of this suitcase will quite possibly make you envious of your kids luggage over your own, and the vast range of colour combinations available will likely keep your kid choosing for a long time.

Kooky Kid-Friendly Luggage Options: Dot Drops Suitcase

The Dot Drops Suitcase is more than just a kooky kids suitcase. It’s a fun pixelated puzzle that your kids can customise themselves when you order from the company direct online. Standard designs are available if you need some inspiration, but if not, let your kids minds wander…

Kooky kid-friendly luggage is a trend that has been on the increase for many years. Take a look at some of our above options and get your kids some luggage they will actually enjoy to carry, while finally giving your arms a break.