August 28, 2012

Best Family Travel Destinations

Kids have the ability to make a vacation exciting beyond your wildest dreams. That said, you wouldn’t take any of your kids on a beach-spa break down to a Spanish nudist beach, nor would you embark on some romantic Holidays in Majorca, so how can you find a travel destination that will be perfect for both you, and your kids, that offers them the fun and excitement they crave, while giving you ample time to relax in between?

Below we have listed our top three family travel destinations around the world. If you have taken your kids anywhere else and had a fun experience doing so, please feel free to add your suggestion in the comments.

Best Family Travel Destinations: Orlando, Florida

Chances are you don’t even have to be from the US for your kids to instantly know what the words ‘Orlando, Florida’ represent. With everything ranging from Disney World, to Universal Studios Orlando, to the brand new and recently opened Wizarding World of Harry Potter, your kids will be over the moon with excitement at even the mere idea of being able to visit Orlando.

Luckily for you, the theme parks in and around Orlando have been catering to kids and their parents for years. While you will have to accompany them for the majority of your trip, there are many designated areas designed for kids to get some free play (and burn some energy) while you can lay back and refuel yours.

Best Family Travel Destinations: London, UK

How can kids not love London? The great thing about visiting London, for US, Canadian, and Australian families, is they speak the language. It’s an easy way into Europe, which if you’ve just spend many hours on a long-haul flight with your kids in tow you’ll appreciate very much upon arrival.

London was built with families in mind, which goes a long way to explain why so many families live in the nations capital. From your point of view, London is a cheap place to entertain your kids in, as the majority of the museums, many of which are aimed at kids, are completely free. London itself isn’t so cost-sensitive, but on the whole London is such a landmark location, dripping with history at every turn, it would be a crime not to take your kids there, given the opportunity.

Best Family Travel Destinations: Oahu, Hawaii

Already a popular vacation spot for US families, more and more families with young kids are beginning to discover Oahu, one of the Hawaiian Islands, as the perfect vacation destination for sports (paddle boarding, surfing, and hiking are all very popular around Waikiki beach), as well as for historical reference at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

Alongside paddle boarding and surfing, families can also enjoy boat trips around the islands as well as the opportunity to swim together with dolphins, if they’re so inclined.

Whether you take your kids to any of our chosen destinations or you find someplace of your own to travel to, as long as you can find a mix of fun for the kids, and relaxation for yourself, the chances are you will have a great time.