October 13, 2016

Gift ideas for new parents

If you are looking for Gift ideas for new parents, you've come to the right place

Photo by CC user skrolik0 on Pixabay

Whenever a couple has a new baby, it is a time of excitement not just for them but for their family and friends too. Not only will relationships alter to accommodate the new arrival, but a new baby throws up other ideas, even problems, as well. Perhaps the first problem to arise is what to give as a gift to the new parents to celebrate their new-born. These gift ideas for new parents will help you out with some useful suggestions.

Choosing a gift

But when is the right time to buy that gift? Do you pre-empt the arrival of the baby or wait until after the birth? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question – you give a gift when it feels right for you, ultimately – but it can be helpful for the parents to start acquiring stuff they’re going to need before the birth so they are ready when it happens.

It can be tempting to choose style over substance when buying a gift for a new baby, but if parents are honest, they would rather have something that will be useful rather than simply pretty. Fortunately, most baby-related products these days are both. The biggest question you will need to ask yourself is how much you want to spend.

Bigger gifts

Stroller bikes, for example, are pretty expensive. They’re worth it, however; due to their three-wheel structure, they’re much more stable, not to say comfortable, than a conventional bicycle with a child’s seat strapped behind the rider. Not only does a stroller bike improve comfort, it also provides security and peace of mind. The saddle is behind the baby stroller section, not in front, meaning the parent always has their child in view.

A place to sleep will be another necessity and there are plenty of cribs on the market. All of them will have had to pass basic safety standards, so your choice can be made in terms of style and features. Most cribs come as flat packs which the parents will have to assemble, so look for one that is easy to put together and that has a fairly neutral color scheme, as this will ensure it will fit in with the décor in the nursery.

A present that will mean the parents need not worry about not having access to a highchair when they go out is a portable chair harness which turns any adult chair into a high chair. This handy accessory folds flat so that it is easy to carry and means that parents can make spontaneous decisions about where and what to eat without having to check the restaurant has a suitable highchair.

Smaller gifts

Let us move on to the less bulky and less expensive baby store items, which any good baby store should stock. Bath time will be a fun experience, but it can be less so for the parent who has to kneel on a hard bathroom floor, so a padded kneeler should be very welcome. These types of bath accessories hang over the side of the tub and cushion the parent’s knees, but some models also have pockets which can store the baby products needed for bath time.

Ensuring the baby has a healthy diet will be a chief concern for the parents, who may want to avoid pre-made baby foods. therefore, a baby food maker will be a great present, as the parents can buy their fresh vegetables as and when they need them, then simply put them through the machine to create freshly pureed baby food without having to worry about salt levels or additives. Hot food can also be a bit of a headache, so a plate that cools hot baby food in minutes makes a fabulous present, and won’t break the bank.

So much needs to be bought when there is a new addition to the family that the parents will probably have made a list, making it easy for you to pick a suitable present. Or you can come up with your own idea. There are so many baby products available, you really will be spoilt for choice.