October 11, 2016

Great Gift Ideas For The Adventurous Hubby

Flying lessons are just one of many Great Gift Ideas For The Adventurous Hubby

Photo by CC user Arpingstone on Wikimedia Commons

Married to a guy that is constantly chasing the next adrenaline high? If his birthday is coming soon, or if you are looking to get your Christmas shopping for him done early, this post will give you a few ideas to get him something will enhance his adventures.

Let him take to the air

Is your husband obsessed with airplanes? If he can look at a plane that is landing at an airport and call out the model name instantly, then you know the next logical step is to give him a gift that will allow him to take to the skies.

There are many flying gifts that will help make this happen: from flying lessons in microlights, Cessnas, and helicopters to skydiving out of a plane at 10,000 feet, there are many ways to experience the thrills that can be had when you of leave Terra Firma behind.

Give him the ultimate tool to document his adventures

Does your man rip down hills on a mountain bike by summer, and soar down ski slopes during the winter? As fun as those adventures can be in the moment, being able to relive them anytime he wants is a priceless gift that you can give him.

In many sports shops, they sell rugged outdoor cameras such as the GoPro that can be attached to helmets and the many other surfaces. This gives those that view its footage a first-person perspective of what it is like for the outdoor athlete to take on the adventures that they zealously pursue on their time off work. If you are looking for some great gift ideas for the adventurous hubby, this toy is a no-brainer.

Put the ultimate outdoor survival tool in his hands

While there are many gadgets that can help modern man survive and thrive in the wilderness, perhaps there are none as profoundly amazing as the LifeStraw.

Developed in just the past few years, every husband that likes to go backcountry hiking or hunting needs to have this in their backpack.

Planning for one of humanity’s most basic needs on a backcountry trip just became significantly easier, as the LifeStraw Mission takes any source of surface water and filters out virtually all bacteria, viruses or protozoa from it using its sophisticated series of filters.

Grant him the ability to take civilization into the wild

The idea of roughing it and getting back to nature has been romanticized by many these days. However, taking power into the wilderness has become feasible recently with advances in battery storage technology and solar collection.

Costs in this area have fallen dramatically, allowing devices like the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator to hit the market. This particular model retails for about $200, weighs only 12 pounds, and boasts a USB port, as well as 12V and AC outlets, allowing your man to keep his phone charged to Instagram those precious moments in nature.