December 24, 2018

Rental Generators: 10 Questions To Ask Your Power Provider

Generators come in handy in providing temporary emergency power supply to our homes and offices. They also help supply electricity in areas where mains electricity is either unavailable or has been disconnected. They come in handy in various applications and events such as weddings, parties, and even residential buildings where they help power-up our activities while preventing inconveniences in cases of power outage.

Today, generators are a necessity in large buildings, hospitals, and companies. Purchasing a generator for a particular application requires one to take the necessary evaluations in regard to the purpose of the generator as well as the generator’s actual specifications such as power output. Whether buying or renting a generator, picking the right one for your particular needs requires you to ask certain categorical questions.

What is the capacity of the generator?

Generators come in various capacities which vary based on the power output. Most commonly used generators come in capacities ranging from 5kw to 50kw and can produce sufficient energy to power up a single home. Inquiring about the generator’s output capacity gives you an opportunity to ensure you select the most appropriate one that would meet your power generation or backup needs.

How much do you charge for the rental?

In most cases, generator rental companies tend to charge prizes of the generators based on the power output capacity where larger capacity generators are charged more. Inquiring on the fee charged gives you an opportunity to set and adjust your budget accordingly.

What is the generator’s mode of operation?

Modern generator connectivity allows some technical innovations where two generators can be synchronised to ensure improved functionality. Synchronised generators are advantageous as they increase power stability as one generator supplements the other in terms of power output. Besides, the cost of running two generators in synchrony to each other is similar to the cost of running a single generator thereby guarantee no extra costs.

What is the noise rating?

Diesel or petrol fuel generators normally produce some noise which is often time considered a nuisance. The noise output level of the generator you anticipate to purchase is an important parameter to determine from the generator rental company. This is because most neighborhoods in the country today have certain limitations in terms of the permissible noise levels. The noise restrictions in the form of decibels prohibit utilization of machinery that produces noise beyond a certain level. Besides, if you intend to utilize the generator in your home during the day or night, you may want to choose a generator whose noise output level is not too high beyond a certain decibel level. Children can be easily rattled from their sleep if a noisy generator is allowed to run at certain hours of the night.

What is the appropriate placement of the generator?

Generators are known to emit some toxic carbon monoxide fumes which, when inhaled, may lead to serious poisoning or even death. The positioning of the generator while in use is an important element that should, therefore, be appropriately taken into consideration. Some generators required to be put in areas protected from weather elements such as direct sunlight and wind while others are not necessarily affected by the weather.

Your generator rental company should be able to offer you the necessary advisory on where to strategically place the generator for optimal functionality and safety. Putting it too close to the house would expose you to unnecessary noise while putting it far away may impose certain limitations such as electrical cabling to the house.

What is the generator’s fuel consumption rate?

Some generators consume diesel and others petroleum. Also, different generators have different rates of consumption which is normally a factor of the generator output capacity. Inquiring about the fuel consumption rates gives you an opportunity to appropriately gauge whether you would be at a position of affording the fuel. Besides, a higher capacity generator would generally cost a premium to run for a long period of time due to the high fuel consumption rate. Having information relating to the fuel consumption of the generator you target to hire would help you to budget accordingly to avoid inconveniences such as generator power outage as a result of depletion of fuel.

How often does the generator need to be serviced?

Generators need to be serviced from time to time as a way of maintaining them in pristine condition. Generators’ service and maintenance procedures vary depending on their size and technical specifications. Sometimes, the service may involve changing the lubricant oil while at times it may require a complete overhaul of the generator and replacement of internal moving parts. The frequency of conducting such service upon you hired generator also varies. Some generators require service on a monthly basis while others can go for six months to a year before needing a service or inspection.

How much does the maintenance cost?

The extent of inspection and service on generators vary in terms of costs and necessity for the same. Some generators are so sensitive that failing to service them accordingly may incur permanent damage and loss of functionality and power output. Asking about the cost incurred during the maintenance process would help you to plan accordingly.

Does your company offer technical assistance?

Asking your generator rental company whether it provides technical assistance would give you an idea of the liability you would have in reference to servicing the generator from time to time. Some companies offer technical assistance where technicians are available to offer free maintenance in cases of generator breakdown.

Are there any precautions in the use of your generators?

Some generators require to be used with specific precautions while others contain some electronic safeguards where they can shut down in the event of an impending malfunction to avoid bigger damages. Inquiring on the existence of any precautionary warnings on the generator you intend to hire ensures you don’t miss important details that may later prove costly.

In conclusion, when seeking the services of a generator rental company and seeking to hire a generator, it is prudential to seek clarification on a set of questions. Such clarifications go a long way to ensuring that you procure and hire the best generator that would suit your needs. Your generator rental company would be more than willing to work with you to ensure your needs are fully met.