January 5, 2019

Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Choosing an RV

The first challenge to living the life of the RV is finding out which model is ideal for you. Do you need a bus conversion or a Class A? Do you drive a camper van or do you want a big rig?

When you are planning to buy an RV, there are so many questions you will need to ask yourself. Here are the top 10 questions which you need to explore:

  1.  What is Your Budget?

Determining the amount you are willing and able to pay for an RV is very important. When you buy one, you’re acquiring a house-on-wheels, because they are usually priced as such. Make sure you decide on how much you want to spend as this will go a long way in helping you to determine whether it’s a new or used RV.

  1. Is there a Tow Vehicle?

Asking yourself this question will help in narrowing your search. If you don’t possess a towing vehicle, then your options could be inclined towards motorized RVs. In case you possess a towing truck, then you will want to determine your towing capacity. Do not forget to consider the weight of your cargo, passengers, and liquids to your RV’s dry weight. It would be impractical to buy an RV which surpasses the capacity of your vehicle to tow safely.

  1. Who’s the Driver?

Driving a huge rig can be challenging. If you are planning to share responsibilities when it comes to driving, you need to select an RV which you are all comfortable to drive. This is also the case if you are considering a travel trailer which needs towing. If you are uncertain, do some drive tests to determine which units feel best.

  1.    What is the Frequency of Your Travel?

Your RV’s size will most likely have a tremendous impact on the amount you pay on fuel: the larger your RV, the more you’ll pay for gas.  If you are planning to travel often, fuel efficiency is something you’ll want to consider. If you’ll be travelling less often, then gas mileage could be of lesser concern.

  1. How Many People will you accommodate?

Sleeping arrangements in RVs usually range from the fold-out chair beds to plush king size beds. Additionally, an RV can accommodate from two to more than ten people.  Think not only about how many people need to sleep but also how you prefer the bedtime routine to work. Some individuals do not mind turning sofas or dinettes into beds while others prefer a designated pre-made bed for every individual. You may also want to consider the possibility of accommodating guests.

  1. Where will you be Camping?

When it comes to RVing, it is essential to think of various possibilities because RVs usually open up a world of exploration and adventure. There are some which are suited for off-grid camping of boondocking. Perhaps you have children who are active in sports and are looking to get an RV that offers home comfort when travelling to their sporting events or are planning to spend most of your time travelling in state and national parks, it is important to find an RV that best suits this function. Look up areas you’ll be camping in advance and determine their terrain before you can finally decide what size or model of RV you’ll be purchasing.

  1. What Amenities Do You Require?

Most people buy RVs because they don’t want more protection from elements that don’t work with the tent. If you’ve spent some time camping with tents on a rainy night, then you understand how that can be frustrating for you. Unlike the tents, RVs come with various amenities range from the state of the art entertainments to gourmet kitchens. Create a list of the amenities you need and prioritize on what it’s important. You may want a residential-sized fridge or a king-sized bed on your must-have list. Remember, the more the amenities, the more the RV is going to cost you.

  1. What Activities do you enjoy?

Activities or hobbies will help you to narrow down your options when it comes to choosing an RV. Toy hauliers, or the sports utility RVs, have space for golf carts, ATVs, dirt bikes, among other motorized vehicles. You’ll also discover that there are some RVs which offer more storage space than others, so when it comes to RV transportation, you need to consider this factor as well. If you like to explore the urban areas using RV, then you’ll need to consider the smaller units which are ideal for navigation in the city streets and parking lot. An all-season RV is ideal for the winter sports enthusiasts.

  1. What Space Do You Require?

The amount of space you require varies depending on the size of your family. It is quite frustrating to be bumping into each other every time when moving about in the RV. In such a case, you need to find an RV that offers adequate space for you and your family. If you are a family that loves to be closer and cosy, then perhaps a smaller RV may do, but the most important thing is to ensure that all of you are comfortable in it. Other factors to have in mind when thinking about space is whether your kids will require their own bedroom or whether they will be sharing the same room. All these will depend on what you expect from your ideal RV.

  1. What’s Your Floor Plan?

The space of your RV goes hand in hand with the floor plan. To ascertain what floor plan is ideal for you and your family, you can visit RV shows so you can get an opportunity to see the various kinds of RVs available. Spend some time walking in the RVs, lay on the beds, sit on the couches, visit the kitchen, and walk into the bathrooms to have a feel of how big the RVs are. If there aren’t any show where you are, you can visit various dealerships before buying. Most of them will be more than happy to assist.


Bottom Line

When choosing an RV, you need to remember that the whole process is an adventure and there’s so much to learn. Consider the pointers above before buying one and get yourself an RV that best fits your needs.