December 5, 2018

Important Tips for Selecting a Birth Injury Lawyer

One of the most challenging and difficult experiences that parents can go through is when their child is injured during birth. What should be a time where both parents are celebrating the birth of a child, instead they find themselves distraught, angry, and confused about what has occurred.


When it is discovered that the injuries that have occurred to their child could have potentially been avoided, it adds to the feeling of dread. Many parents never fully recover from this incident while others go through a long period of depression because of what has occurred.


The parents then find themselves with the unenviable task of trying to get compensation 4 what is occurred and for their child. Often the extent of the injuries are known immediately, so deciding exactly how to pursue litigation against the doctor, and the hospital is very complicated. When this type of incident occurs, the parents need to find a birth injury lawyer practicing in the local jurisdiction where the birth injuries occurred. For instance if the delivery occurred in Portland Oregon, the parents would need to find a birth injury lawyer Portland OR based.


Make Sure the Law Firm is Capable of Winning Your Case

Birth injury law is one of the most complicated and difficult to prove and require lots of resources in order to be undertaken properly. The law firm must understand how to show that injuries that occurred happened during the birth of the child. The law firm will be fighting against very experienced doctors, a reputable hospital, and large well-financed Insurance firms whose objective will be to show that what occurred happened before the birth or was not at all the fault of the doctor or Hospital. In this type of case,


The law firm you choose must be prepared and able to mount aggressive offense. They must have on staff lawyers who understand the medical profession, the entire process of hospital births, and every relevant State Law related to your case. They must also be able to access medical professionals who can assist the law firm in proving your case. In total, the law firm needs a huge amount of resources available to it in order to ensure that your case has the best chance of success. You should do your research and any law firm you are considering and ask about previous cases that they have taken on and their outcomes.


Make Sure They are Passionate About Your Case

You should expect that your birth injury lawsuit will take years to settle. These cases require lots of discovery and lots of evidence to be brought by both sides. The law firm you choose will need to have a sustained level of enthusiasm and passion for your case in order for you to receive a successful outcome. When you interact with the attorneys at the law firm make sure that they have a passionate about you, your family and your child in particular. Often this passion is what makes the difference in this type of lawsuit. Where other attorneys might get discouraged as things get difficult, the right birth injury law firm will continue to fight vigorously on behalf of you and your child.


Having a child injured during birth is devastating and you have the right to feel stressed and depressed, but you must make the best decisions for the child and your family now. Do not settle for just any attorney in this type of lawsuit. Find a law firm that has a passion for your case and the skill and resources to get you and your child, a favorable outcome.