October 14, 2017

Selecting the Perfect Nanny for Your Child

Sometimes you simply cannot handle all of the responsibilities put in front of you. Between work, family and those other things that always seem to pop up, you find that you are not managing any part of your life well. In this situation, it may be a smart idea to hire a nanny.

A nanny can lessen the burden of parents in terms of their kids. The nanny will in many instances take the primary role of certain critical child tending functions, including: watching them, helping with homework, picking them up from school, making sure they eat when they come home, and going to play with friends too.

However choosing a nanny these days is a challenging job. After all, this is someone that you must let into your home and trust with your most prized possession, your children. We have all seen the hidden camera videos of sweet looking nannies, who turned evil when the parents left the room. The horror of watching a child be subjected to bad behavior by someone who was so trusted by a paying family, can cause hesitancy and fear at the thought of hiring a nanny.

Safety is the main consideration, and the best piece of advice you can receive about hiring a nanny is to hire a reputable nanny service. Nanny services are registered with the government and conduct thorough background and personality checks on the nannies that provide So they are safe and well trained. When you work with the right nanny service, you can be sure that they will provide wonderful nannies looking to find a household staff job.

This strategy should put your mind at ease about where to find a safe nanny, now let’s focus on how you pick the right safe nanny for your kids.

Be Sure of What You Want in a Nanny

There are very specific responsibilities you want the nanny to have while working for you. In order to make sure you are clear about what they are, you need to write them down. So, before you begin your nanny search, sit with your significant other and write out the things you want your nanny to do when she is working.

Do you want someone to work full time? Is there a particular part of the day you will need this person? Will the person be responsible for things in addition to tending to the children, like cooking? The clearer you are about your specific needs, the better fit you will be able to find for your family. Use this list when you speak with the nanny service so they understand who they should set up for you to interview.

Interview Every High-Potential Candidate

You will receive full profiles of the nannies the agency thinks might fit your needs. This may include video. When you review these materials, remove anyone from the list whose work history, look, or personality you do not like.

Your goal should be to select five to eight candidates for an in-person interview. Remember, some people look great on film and not so good in person and others will be the opposite. The only way to know is to get into a room with them and have a conversation. Have your list of questions ready, and look to get clear and forthright answers. There should not be any ducking of questions or an attitude about you asking anything. Remember, this person will be watching your kids, so you do not want someone who keeps secrets.

Choose Your Final Candidates

After the interviews, you should have your search narrowed down to two or three candidates and it may take another interview with each to decide.  If so, conduct it at your home with your kids there and watch the nanny. Is she attentive in the way you want? Do you like her with your kids? Ask any questions you may have forgotten and ask some of the same questions you asked previously to make sure you get the same answers. You will now have your nanny.

Make Your Selection

Call the agency and tell them who you have selected. Agencies will generally provide a period for you to see if the nanny is working out, and if not they will replace her. During this period it is important you pay attention to all the details about how she does her job. If she is lacking in any important way, do not hesitate to hire a different nanny.