March 1, 2018

5 Reasons to Stay in at Disney World Resort Hotels

The Magical Kingdoms of Disney World are undoubtedly some of the most exciting places in the world for children. The Children visit the Theme Parks jump on exciting rides, watch incredible shows and meet their favourite cartoon characters throughout the day! It is hardly surprising that they do no want to leave at the end of the day! And getting them to do so can be troublesome.

Staying in a Disney World Resort hotel could be the solution!

Yes it might be cheaper to stay outside the Parks, but Disney World Resort Hotels are all part of the experience. Lets take a look at the benefits of staying in Disney World Resort hotels.

disney resort hotel

You Never have to leave the Magic

Ok, so I summed this one up above!

Staying in Disney World Resort hotels mean that you and your children never have to leave the Disney World while on your trip and that your children can enjoy that magic from the moment they wake up to the moment they put their heads down in the evening.

For a truly special vacation Disney World Resort Hotels are the way to go! While there are thousands of Hotels in the area of Orlando, none of the others encapture the magic like Disney World Resort Hotels.

Free transportation across the parks and to and from the airport

Those who decide to stay in Disney World Resort Hotels can take Disney’s magical express service to and from the airport. On top of this guests at Disney World Resort hotel Guests can use the free shuttle bus service to the different Disney Theme Parks, Water Parks and Disney Springs.

This can save both time and money since everything is affectively set up for you.


Best Access to Disney Fast Pass+ and Restaurants

Disney rides often fill up very fast and so do the Disney Restaurants. Those who stay at Disney World Resort Hotels get first choice for FastPass+ Ride Reservations and also Advance Dining Reservations. Resort guests can book things up to 60 days in advance in comparison to 30 for people staying outside the resorts, giving resort guests the best access.


Extra Magic Hours

Everyday of the week when everyone else goes home, one of the Disney Parks stays open for Extra Magic Hours. Exclusively for the Disney World Resort Hotels Guests one of the parks will open up early or close an hour or two late. This is a great way to explore Disney’s Parks without the big crowds.

Closest Hotels to the Parks

This one is quite obvious, since its Disney’s Park they got first choice on the locations for their hotels. Disney World Resort Hotels are perfectly located to visit the Disney Parks.

Some of the Disney World Resort hotels are located at the parks themselves while others can be reached quickly via the monorail. All of them are located in the Disney World Area. Staying at a hotel in the resort will save time and travel costs so that they can enjoy the park for longer without having to keep travelling back and forth from their hotels to the parks.