March 9, 2016

The Best Destinations to Travel With Kids

Having children will completely alter your vacation plans, no more relaxing on tranquil beaches with only the sound of the lapping sea, no more cottage hideaways with your spouse or partner. And there is noting wrong with change! However, picking the right destination can be tricky, you need to satisfy everyone’s needs and the more kids you have, the more requirements you must meet. Here are some of the best destinations that we think are the best and most fun places to travel with your kids.




An impossible option to ignore if you are travelling with children, Florida is like the children’s corner of the World with more theme parks, water parks, zoo’s and fun hotels than you can possibly imagine. Florida is home of course to the World-famous Disneyland along with Epcot Studios, Animal Kingdom, Sea-World, Harry Potter World, Kennedy Space Centre, Universal Studios and countless more places for you and the kids to have the trip of a lifetime. The beauty with most of these theme parks and wonderlands is that the adults will have just as much fun as the kids.


There are fewer greater experiences for a young, innocent child than meeting their hero, Santa and that’s exactly what you can do when you visit Lapland. What the kids will love about this, other than meeting the main man, is that the landscape and wildlife lend itself to a Winter Wonderland and something far removed from what they will be used to. The kids can see Reindeers and Santa’s little helpers while Mum and Dad can enjoy the phenomenal Northern Lights and a cosy in-lodge sauna at the end of the day. A perfect destination for all of the family.




Tokyo is a neon paradise filled with a high-tech and a high energy way of life, your kids will love it. Whether they are into Hello Kitty or Dragonball Z Tokyo has it all on display for the kids. Japanese teenagers love comics and manga and big kids can have fun in this city too. You can visit the ‘home’ of Hello Kitty at Sanrio Puroland and afterwards take them to a theme park or go for a picnic in one of the many public gardens. Tokyo may seem a little fast paced to take kids but don’t be put off by this, they will absolute love it.

Yellowstone National Park

This is a wonderful destination for families with children from toddlers upwards, a Wild West adventure through one of the United States’ most stunning national parks. Camp with the kids in one of the many sites in the park, watch the Old Faithful geyser as it erupts before your eyes and let the kids head out on a junior ranger trip to learn about the park. Families can horse-ride, hike, bike-ride, boat-ride and white-water raft within the grounds of the park so there’ll be no shortage of adventure for any of the family. On an evening kids will love to sit around a campfire toasting marshmallows in the balmy Wyoming evenings, you and your children will never forget this vacation.