March 10, 2016

How to minimize stress when traveling with kids

Family vacations are a great way to spend quality time with the kids, but getting there and away can often be a stressful experience. Parents know only too well how restless children can get on their travels, so here’s a few ideas to help keep them occupied throughout the flight.

Teach your kids about flying

While adults aren’t so easily impressed, the whole concept of flying is a fascinating one for kids. So take the time to teach them exactly what’s happening at each stage of your flight, and there’s a good chance they’ll find it exciting instead of boring. If you can focus your kid’s attention on how the world looks from 30,000 feet up in the air, they’ll be too stunned to get bored.

Bring a smartphone or tablet

Mobile devices are fantastic things to keep kids occupied. While most parents don’t like to let their children spend too much time playing such devices, it’s sometimes worth making an exception. With tablets, kids can read books, play games, browse the web and watch movies. The great thing is tablets and smartphones are affordable nowadays too, with cheaper models available for under $100. Of course, don’t forget to pack some headphones as well.

Don’t forget the snacks

Kids can’t sleep if they’re hungry, and they can’t abide long trips without a few snacks either. Be sure to avoid sweet, sugary candies as these can boost your kid’s blood sugar levels, causing them to become restless far more quickly. Instead, it’s better to take things like fruit, potato chips, nuts and lean meats, as these have a high fat content that can satisfy their appetites without making them hyper. Be sure to bring plenty of liquid refreshments too.

Dress comfortably

Your kids should have clothes to suit the climate of your destination, but they should also be dressed comfortably for the flight itself. Too many layers will make them hot and restless, so for long flights its better to dress them in just a t-shirt and shorts or pants.

Book your airport transfer ahead of time

You don’t want to be rushing through a chaotic airport trying to find the taxi stand with kids in tow. Instead, it’s better to book a car and driver ahead of time so they can meet you when you land and whisk you straight to your destination in comfort. Services like Blacklane that specialize in airport picks ups are not that expensive, can be booked in advance, and will wait for up to one hour free of charge in case of any delays with your flight. What’s even cooler is Blacklane is also a airport transfer with child seats so you don’t have to worry about an unsafe ride for your kids, nor dealing with a bulky child seat that you have to travel with, winning!