January 13, 2015

Why A Travel Blog Might Be A Great Family Project

For families looking to marry travel with an activity outside of actually being on holiday itself, it’s hard to persuade every member of the family to get on board with the usual tried and trusted approaches.

Persuading a young child to show some enthusiasm for packing, or perhaps trawling through TripAdvisor recommendations, is hardly likely to enthral them for any measurable length of time. Perhaps there is one way however, how you might be able to pique their interest. How? Starting a family travel blog.

Family travel blogs like LittleYayas.com can be a great project for the whole family to undertake. With so many facets and areas to explore there’s something all members of the family, no matter what age, might get some satisfaction taking part in. Here are some key reasons why a travel blog can be a great family project.

Involves Everyone

From the youngest member of your family being in charge of snapping photos, to the oldest taking responsibility for the prose of each post itself, everybody will likely contribute to both the story and the medium in some way. For the parents there’s also the opportunity to keep friends engaged via social media, showing the world what you and your family have been up to in the lead up, or aftermath of, an exciting trip.

Induces Excitement

What better way to get kids primed and pumped for a new trip then getting them to explore the destination virtually or online and then showing the world what they’ve learned through their discovery? Whether it’s having them hunt down cool videos on YouTube, or starting a Pinterest account with amazing photos of the destination in question, whatever they discover is likely to get everybody a whole lot more excited for the trip ahead.

Community Benefits

Getting your family to blog on a regular basis is a great way of contributing useful tips and advice to the world on the subject of travelling and taking care of a family along the way. Put out into the world as much great advice as you can, and you’re likely to make great like-minded friends that the whole family are able to connect with. Whether you meet these on your travels or while you’re back home, starting a blog opens your family up to the world while having the world simultaneously do the same.

Financial Benefits

Last but not least, another great benefit of starting a blog with your family is the financial benefit it can help to reap that might be able to put toward a future trip. This might come in the form of blog advertising, discounted accommodation stays, or perhaps even through publishing your own extensive family travel guides, tours or preparation courses. The chance of a blog spiralling into a business, given the nature of the web, is entirely feasible.

Stuck on ideas about what to do at home? Give travel blogging a try.