May 9, 2018

Five Things to Enjoy at a Minor League Baseball Game

Baseball has long been considered America’s pastime. It’s the oldest of the major organized team sports. While other sports can argue their place in American history, baseball evokes memories of small boys getting their first taste of playing baseball as well as major league players landing in the record books.

Today, families are becoming spectators at baseball games. These families have learned that baseball is a great way to spend time together. There are numerous levels of baseball to watch. However, to avoid simple money mistakes of pricier baseball venues, the most bang for the buck is found at the minor league level. Those visiting a minor league park should take advantage of the following:

  • Green Space Seating
  • Theme Nights
  • Inflatables
  • Staff Entertainment
  • Fireworks

Green Space Seating

If your family has children six and under, look for seating that is not of the molded seat or metal bleacher variety. Many parks now offer an open grassy area in the outfield. It’s hard for young children to sit still for an entire ballgame. An open area gives children the opportunity to move around and work off some steam. It doesn’t cost any more and results in parents being able to enjoy the game.

Theme Nights

Where else can you go and experience an entire crowd zoned in for theme night. Maybe it’s Star Wars night or 70s night. Go with it and participate. It doesn’t cost any extra and you’ll have fun seeing how other people respond as well as their reaction to you.


Many ballparks have recognized that young children don’t have the attention span to watch an entire baseball game. Minor league parks work hard to create a place for all family members. The physical outlet of inflatables allows children the chance to burn off some of their extra energy and like green space seating, inflatables allow the entire family to enjoy the evening at no additional cost.

Staff Entertainment

If you go to a minor league baseball game, you will be thoroughly entertained by the staff. You will see people pulled out of the stands to compete in base running while wearing silly costumes. You will see the team mascot posing with children. There might be a kiss camera trying to entice people to kiss each other. The grounds crew might even dance for you. It all comes as part of the ticket price.


Fireworks are another special treat at baseball games. Some stadiums might do them during the holiday weeks of Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Other teams might do them every week on designated days. No matter what schedule they decide on, this is another attraction included in the price of a ticket.

Who would have thought minor league baseball could be such a family friendly event? The minor league has figured it out. They have created a family friendly event with options for everyone. The ticket price typically covers all of the extras mentioned above. If you’re looking for a great way to spend time with your family without zeroing out your bank account, check out the minor league team closest to your home. You won’t be disappointed!