May 5, 2018

Three Important Skills Students Learn from Participating in Performing Arts

When enrolling your child in school, you’re probably particular about where they need to excel regarding academics. When it comes to the performing arts, that is usually left to the last priority. Many of the world’s top universities specifically look for students who are well rounded–who excel at more than just academics, who can expand their horizons and learn to become multi-faceted members of society.

As a result, engaging in performing arts should be a critical factor in deciding where your child goes to school and where they should focus the most. To do so, it helps to narrow down your choices to a list of proven, good performing arts schools that also offer rigorous academics’ training. If you are still on the fence about the benefits of performing arts, continue reading to learn more.

Improve confidence and overall presentation

When someone confidently walks into a room, all eyes are in them. In a hyper-connected and hyper-competitive world, confidence can make a significant difference regarding job opportunities and offers. Individuals who have the courage to accomplish tasks and get things done are the ones who are often noticed first.

Unfortunately, many academically-skilled individuals lack the confidence necessary to get the best jobs. Even if they are over-qualified, they settle for menial work because they don’t believe they deserve to reach for the stars. Well, students of the performing arts often exude a more confident persona that adds to their overall career appeal. Performing in front of an audience is not an easy feat.

But, once you have done so, you become much more self-aware about your presentation and, also, feel quite good about yourself. Furthermore, performing arts students develop more poise and have better coping skills concerning dealing with anxiety–because they have learned to overcome fear when performing in front of audiences. So, when you combine these skills and experiences with strong academics, you have a powerhouse individual.

Improve social skills

One of the many factors, involved in the job search, is the presentation of the right soft skills. When two resumes are exactly alike, the person with better and more relevant soft skills often gets selected. One crucial soft skill is social abilities. Universities and companies want to know that their employees can get along with and interact well with others.

They want to create teams of engaging and educated individuals. This is especially true if you have a job where you interact with clients. It is crucial to understand negotiation, empathy, conflict resolution, and communication.

Through the performing arts, students learn how to work together successfully in both starring and supporting roles. They also learn to see things from other perspectives.

Enhance problem-solving skills

The world is overflowing with problems, and companies need people to solve them. Well, engaging in the performing arts helps students to think of creative methods for solving problems. For instance, how do I turn this yellow paint into an image of a sunflower? How can my dance convey joy? How would my character respond to this scenario? When students interact with the arts, they are always faced with solving a problem.

So, they develop other skills such as understanding and reasoning. Many of the world’s most complex problems require both a logical and creative approach. And, for success in any promising career, problem-solving skills are a must. They are also well-suited for jobs that inspire others.

Final thought

There isn’t any question that students who participate in the performing arts are more well-rounded and attractive employees for many companies. So, what are you waiting for? Get your children involved in performing arts today.