December 7, 2016

Coupons for Good: 5 Ways to Save Money on Decorating the Home

Although upgrading home décor is largely about aesthetics, there are other perks to having a beautiful house. The right pieces can improve your productivity, give your home a better flow, create a more relaxing or energizing space, or simply provide a warm, welcoming feel for guests. Decorating often has a reputation for being an expensive project, but it doesn’t have to be. With smart strategies, you can decorate on any budget.

Shop Out of Season

Shopping out of season is one of the Ways to Save Money on Decorating the Home

Image via Flickr by kevin dooley

If you’re willing to plan a year ahead, you can score outstanding deals on seasonal décor by purchasing items out of season. Buy autumnal décor as the Christmas season hits, stock up on holiday items in January, get your Easter and spring items as stores gear up for summer, and purchase hot weather essentials as the temperatures drop for fall. Do this for one year, and you’ll have a stockpile of holiday and seasonal items ready for every time of the year for a tiny fraction of the in-season retail price.

Sign Up for Email Promos

Sign up for emails from your favorite stores for coupons from Pottery Barn, Macy’s, Home Depot, Kohl’s, and more. Many retailers will give you an instant coupon code for 15–20 percent off your next purchase as soon as you sign up for their emails. You’ll get additional email deals throughout the year. These newsletters often offer a sneak peek at sales or special shipping along with offers that you can’t find otherwise.

Use Online Coupons

Online coupon sites can help you slash your spending on home décor items. Check out offerings such as Pier 1 promo codes for specials such as free shipping or a steep percentage off certain categories. Don’t buy on a whim. Instead, follow the sales and coupons and purchase items when they’re at their best price. Keep a home decorating wish list, and check things off as you find good deals.

Get the Right Cards

Loyalty cards and store credit cards can help you save big on sizable items such as furniture, paint, or other types of home décor. If you use the Target RedCard, you’ll save 5 percent off every purchase. Although there is a credit card for Target, you can also use a debit RedCard that doesn’t affect your credit score and that instead takes money straight from a linked bank account.

Join My Best Buy for your home electronics purchases, and score savings on large Home Depot purchases with the Pro Xtra Loyalty Program. Always ask about loyalty clubs and cards before you complete your purchase so that you can start accumulating points or enjoying percentage-off savings right away.

Check the Calendar

There are distinct shopping seasons for all manner of home décor products. Get to know the annual sales rotations so that you can shop when things are at their lowest prices. January is the best time to buy furniture. Refrigerator and mattress sales are most common in May. Buy dishware in June, linens in August, and appliances between September and November.

With smart shopping, you can score great deals as you create a stunning space for your family.