December 7, 2016

Coupons for Good: 4 Tips for Dressing a Family on a Budget

Dressing your family is no small expense. Whether you’re trying to keep your workplace wardrobe from looking too tattered or clothing kids who seem to grow faster than you can shop, there are plenty of challenges to overcome in this area. Keep everyone in the house looking sharp without emptying your savings by using smart shopping strategies for everyone in the family.

Try Items on Early

These tips for Dressing a Family on a Budget will have them looking good for less

Image via Flickr by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

Shopping in-store during a big sale is a chaotic experience at the best of times. Trying to shuffle children in and out of dressing rooms as you scour the sales will only add to the mayhem. Simplify your shopping by taking a leisurely trip before the big sale to identify the styles you like and try on top brands.

Keep wish lists and size information on hand as you look for deals and sales later. You can try on in store and hop online for special deals like JCPenney coupons. Knowing your family’s current sizes will help you act fast no matter where you’re shopping. If you know what your daughter is looking for a fleece jacket and wears a medium, you can snap up items from a clearance rack, online sale, or consignment store in an instant. A little pre-gaming ensures that you’re always ready to snag the deal.

Stock up on Basics

Focus on classic looks and simple items when you’re trying to clothe your family on a budget. A simple solid-colored T-shirt or blouse is far more versatile than a style that will only look good with a particular pair of matching pants. Purchase a few long-sleeved shirts in neutral colors, and you can extend the life of your T-shirts or tanks with simple layering. This will expand a spring and summer wardrobe into fall and winter. Sticking to timeless items, you can build a closet with endless opportunities to mix and match, while you individualize with small, cheap accessories.

Honor Hand-Me-Down Traditions

If you have multiple children, or cousins and close friends close in size and age, you can start hand-me-down traditions that will dramatically increase the lifespan of your clothing. Young children in particular will outgrow items almost before they’re worn. Store in-between items in clearly labeled boxes or bags, so you can pull out the appropriately sized wardrobe easily when younger children grow into a new set of clothing.

Shop with Promo Codes and Coupons

Online coupon sites make it easy to find valuable sales and promotions. Whether you’re looking for JCPenney promo codes for big percentage off savings on your favorite name brands or you want to find a carefully curated list of sales at Old Navy, you can pinpoint all the best savings opportunities with a little online research. Always search for deals before you complete an online purchase to see if you can tack a special code on to your cart at checkout for more savings.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for affordability when you know how to shop. Keep your eyes open for great deals at all times and act fast on the best clothing deals for your family.