June 8, 2012

The Coolest Kids Travel Accessories

Kids naturally come with an adventurous streak and look forward to every single travelling episode of their life. However, once on way, they tend to get restless and it becomes important to keep them occupied and channelize their energy constructively. For such times, kids travel accessories come handy. All parents need to do is to put a little more thought into planning the trip and pack the right travel accessories for their kids depending on their age, weather, trip duration and such like factors.

Lets look at a few kids travel accessories that are cool and can let the kids have the time of their life as they travel. The first in the list are games and toys which the kids find amusing. Electronic games like the PSP are cool as they are easy to carry and can hold a kid’s interest for comparitively longer times. For washroom or drink breaks, frisbees and balls are a good way to exercise their limbs and let them have an outdoor activity.

Coming up next are books which can always be cool companions anywhere, anytime. Here, apart from the regular story books, lets talk about puzzle books, brain teasers, picture and board books, activity booklets and kits and the like. These are cool as they give kids something to do and think and not just read which may become a monotonous activity after a while. These accessories can be shared and enjoyed throughout the journey.

And, how can we forget colors, doodling materials and sketchbooks. The kids can have a lot of fun with these while they travel or during breaks. This way kids can be encouraged to draw the changing landscapes or sketch out the countryside. Cool way to keep them engaged and happy.

Somehow, travelling always makes the kids hungry and that’s where food comes in as the next kids travel accessory. Pack loads of chips, crackers, finger foods and drinks along with separate containers of diced fresh fruits and steamed vegetables for a healthy snack. Kids tend to ask for eats every now and then so ensure that you carry a variety for them. Don’t forget candy bars and chocolates as nothing can be cooler. Add on some disposable plates, spillproof glasses and wet wipes to minimize stains and soil.

Last but not the least are some sleeping bags, kids favourite cuddly stuffed toys, some small pillows and napping mats to give them a feeling of home away from home. These personal things will not only cheer them up but make them comfortable as well. Parents too can relax and think about a breather with the kids tucked away cosily.

While travelling, it’s a great idea to give the kids their individual backpacks holding what they like the most. A step forward towards becoming responsible, these backpacks can be a treasure house for their cool travel accessories. Organize well and remember to put in your handycam for all the precious moments the kids had with their cool travel accessories. After all, the journey is half the fun!

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