October 4, 2012

Essential Kit for a Walking Holiday

If you are planning to go on a walking holiday with your family, there are a number of items which you are strongly advised to consider taking with you.

Essential Kit for a Walking Holiday – Walk the Right Way

Boots are generally recommended as far as footwear goes, but have the downside in that they tend to be heavy, particularly the tougher and more reliable varieties, and heavy footwear can turn an enjoyable walk into an exhausting slog. (Not to mention drive you parents crazy, just as soon as the little ones get exhausted.) You will find many types of walking shoes available; these are generally not as reliable when it comes to less forgiving terrain but are much lighter. As well as external footwear obtain a pair of thick socks that are specialised for walking in.

Essential Kit for a Walking Holiday – Dress Well

When choosing a coat, a distinction should be drawn between ordinary coats that are designed to fend against everyday showers and quality waterproof anoraks and jackets that will protect you from harsher conditions. Coats with interior pockets are obviously useful as they provide space and protection for any provisions that you will be taking. In particularly cold or wet weather waterproof trousers may be desirable, but these can be uncomfortable and inconveniently heavy the rest of the time.

Essential Kit for a Walking Holiday – Rucksack It!

Rucksacks are the standard choice when it comes to carrying your provisions, being the easiest form of bag to carry. Be warned that an ordinary rucksack, when it reaches a certain weight, can be painful or even hazardous; if you plan to carrying a lot during your walks you are advised to look for travel packs, which have extra straps to help shoulder the burden.

Essential Kit for a Walking Holiday – Extras

When carrying food a thermos or water bottle and a lunchbox of some kind will be needed; nothing too elaborate is necessary and the basic models will do. If it is winter then it might be a good idea to pack an extra layer of clothing in case the temperature suddenly drops, leaving you much chillier than you expected. Taking a first-aid kit is also a good all-round precaution. Some walkers, particularly those focused on the exercise aspect of walking trips, take pedometers with which to count their steps.

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Image by Woodley Wonder Works