April 1, 2017

Ten Reasons You Should Be Heading To Tuscany

Set in the centre of beautiful Italy, Tuscany is a region that promises tourists an incredible array of experiences and if you have not yet visited this wondrous corner of the World then it is time that you checked out the luxury accommodations in Tuscany and got yourself booked up. I’d been to Italy several times in the past but always headed to different regions, there is something I find extremely captivating about Italy and I can honestly say that all of the charm, beauty and splendor of Italy is encapsulated by the region of Tuscany. If you still need some convincing as to whether Tuscany is the place for you then here are ten reasons why I believe that you should be heading to Tuscany with haste.


Tuscany has immense heritage and having been occupied since the Paleolithic age, the region has many stories to tell,. The heritage can be witnessed all over the region, in its churches, it castles, it architecture, ruins and in its incredible 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites including the medieval towers in San Gimignano and the beauty of the Orcia Valley.


The city of Florence is widely recognized as being the home of the most amount of Renaissance artwork in the World and the city itself is like an open air museum. Aside from the various art collections which you will find in Florence, you will be able to see intricate sculptures and fascinating architecture throughout the city. If you love art, then Tuscany and its cities will be like Mecca for you.

Stunning Landscapes

There is a wide variety of landscapes throughout Tuscany and in just a short journey you can witness rolling green hills of places like Val d”Orcia, the coastal, Mediterranean beauty of Bolgheri and even the snow kissed mountains that surround Pisa. The climate varies greatly across Tuscany which is what gives this region its many colors and different climates that contribute to the outstanding landscape that is on offer in the region. Whatever kind of scenery it is that you are after, Tuscany has it in spades.

Great Sights

From the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the breathtaking cathedral of Siena to the ancient hill-top hamlets that litter this region of Italy, there are many sights and attractions for visitors to see when they travel to this region. All of the attractions are accessible and close to many of the hotels which means that you won’t need to travel far to have your breath taken away.

Cooking Traditions

If you love Italian food like me then Tuscany is the number one place where you can find the finest Italian cooking throughout the country. The key to this outstanding food is in its simplicity, good, fresh vegetables, thousand-year old traditions and most importantly, a genuine love for cookery which can be seen in the region’s finest restaurants down to the man on the street selling bread.


The conditions in Tuscany are perfect for the production of wines such as Chianti, Super Tuscan Ornellaia, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino amongst many others. If you love wine then this is a great region to visit and many of the vineyards here offer free tours and tasting sessions. September time sees the harvesting of the grapes and if you are going with wine on your mind then this is a great time to visit.

The Best of the Med

This postcard images that you often see of the Mediterranean can be found just off the coast of Tuscany where there are seven islands which are surrounded by that crystal-blue Mediterranean Sea and kiss by the sunshine. Legend says that 7 diamonds fell from the tiara of Venus herself and landed in the Tuscan archipelago, wen you witness the beauty of the isles, it is easy to see where the legend came from.

Hot Springs

Parts of the Tuscan region actually have natural hot springs, the perfect place for you to  rest, relax and recuperate from your hours of exploring. Many of the springs are part of spas which offer very reasonable pricing for an afternoon in some hot, reinvigorating water.

This region of Italy offers over half of the country’s heritage sites and art collection, here you will find not only locals who are warm, friendly and generous, but the finest Italian cuisine and wines as well as acres and acres of land for you to explore.

If you are looking for a classically beautiful European vacation this year then look no further than Tuscany, I feel as though it is a region that everyone should visit at least once in their lives and if you want to visit Italy and see all that the country can offer you  then this is exactly were you should start, in colorful, adventurous and classically beautiful Tuscany.