March 12, 2013

Getting in the Travel Groove of Rome

When it comes to popular tourist attractions, it must be mentioned that Rome is certainly one of them. With millions of tourists every year, the former capital of the Roman Empire is filled with history and has lots to offer to its visitors. In this article you can find the top 5 tourist attractions in Rome, along with a brief description:

1. The Colosseum

The Colosseum is by far the most renowned attraction spot in Rome, as it was the emblem of the Roman Empire. Build around the year 80 AD and measuring over 159ft in height, the Colosseum was built on the site of an artificial lake and it could easily accommodate over 50,000 visitors. Despite the fact that now it is mostly a ruin, you can still get an idea about how beautiful and imposing it was.

2. St. Peter’s Basilica

Saint Peter’s Basilica is not only the largest church in the world, but also the “hotspot” of Christianity. The Italian architects struggled over 100 years to built it (it was completed in 350 AD), it measures 279ft in height and it is located on the well-known Vatican Hill, where Saint Peter died a martyr (Saint Peter is considered the first Pope). If you are in Rome, then you must put Saint Peter’s Basilica on your “To Visit List”, regardless if you are religious or not.

3. Fontana Del Trevi

There are many legends and superstitions that surround Fontana Del Trevi (or simply known as “The Trevi Fountain”) – it is believed that if you toss a coin in this impressive monument and you make a wish, your wish will eventually come true. You must toss the coin over the shoulder, with your back to the Fountain otherwise it will not come true! The central image of the fountain is Neptune, on a chariot that is pulled by two strong sea horses.

4. The Pantheon

Build over 18 centuries ago, the Pantheon is another magnificent reminder of the Roman Empire. The large marble columns and the thick brick walls have helped this building withstand the test of time – this breath-taking building is almost intact today. Although it was originally a temple for pagan gods, it was converted into a church several centuries after it was built.

5. The Roman Forum

Last, but certainly not last, the Roman Forum is another great attraction spot that no tourists should miss while visiting Rome. The Roman Forum was the center of social life during the time of the Roman Empire. The Forum is basically a collection of basilicas, temples and triumphal arches (although most of them are ruins at the moment).

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In conclusion, there are plenty of tourist attractions you can visit in Rome, all you need is time and the desire to combine business with pleasure. If you visit the above-mentioned attractions, you will not only enrich your general knowledge and get a deeper insight into the history and traditions of Italy, but you will also have fun while doing so!