January 23, 2013

Family Fun in Venice, Italy

Venice is a dreamland of gondolas, tasty Italian food and great entertainment. The small streets are like a maze, each one leading to the narrow water channels, in between outstanding historical buildings. The city is a perfect location for family holidays, as there are so many things to do for both parents and the little ones. Every year there are better online discounts, offering family holidays at very affordable rates. Let’s check out some of the family friendly things to do!

Eating Gelato In Venice

Let us start with the yummy part, and the kids’ favorite. The beauty of getting lost in the Venice labyrinth is that at every corner there is a gelateria (ice cream parlor). The gelaterias take pride in the taste and texture of their gelato. The gelato presentations are dazzling, looking like artistic swirls of chocolate and fruit goodness. You could also sit inside with your family, and have multicolored gelato served in a fancy glass cups. Otherwise, take one each to go in a cono (ice cream cones). It can be hard to find family activities while on vacation, but this one is perfect!

Taking a water bus

After you’ve indulged yourself with the sweet taste of gelato, put your sugar energy at good use and jump on an adventurous water bus ride. The water buses are called vaporreti, and they are the main transport in Venice. Every morning you will see the locals waiting to jump on the bus and go to work. For tourists, there are great vaporreti rides, and you could get some good deals on 3 days family tickets. The bus ride is actually quite thrilling, as the boat speeds through the waters. From your boat window (some boats are uncovered) you can admire Venice in its picturesque beauty.

Piazza San Marco

Famously known all over the world as one of the best squares in Europe, Piazza San Marco is a must see location. A great place for family to relax and have some fun. You could admire the beautiful sights and even visit some monumental catholic churches, such as the Basilica di San Marco. The church displays marvelous architecture, so make sure to get a tour around and take some pictures. In many places, Piazza San Marco has beautiful pigeons, and when you feed them, they come and sit on you. Kids absolutely love them. Piazza San Marco is also a great place to eat good food and enjoy nice walks. The ideal would be to stay in a hotel placed near the Venetian square. Check out Oh-Venice.com, they offer you the option to choose your accommodation by district. Keep an eye on deals around the year accommodation near Piazza San Marco.

Every place in Venice is filled with classic Italian beauty, which makes it a ‘must to go’ location for family holidays. The vibrant city is in a world of its own, a place where the fun activities never come to an end. Check Oh-Venice.com and book your magic family holiday.

Photo Credit:  avlxyz