April 4, 2017

Modern Moms with an Ancient Problem: Sensible Strategies to Stop Beating Yourself Up

No matter which way you look at it, motherhood is not easy. For starters, there are so many things to do, many of which have to be done simultaneously. Even if you are blessed with the most easy-going child ever to exist, one who sleeps like an angel, eats everything on her plate and always does as she’s told, chances are you still believe you’re doing something wrong. Even when their kids are doing well, moms tend to give themselves a hard time because they could be doing extra well. Part of being a good mom is learning strategies to stop beating yourself up so you can get on with enjoying your relationship with your kids. Here’s how to give yourself a break.

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That Event Your Kids Missed

If you had to take your kid to every single event she was invited to, you’d need at least 48 hours in each day. Don’t give yourself a hard time because she missed a birthday party or a school parade. If she misses one, explain to her that’s it’s okay, there will be just as many invitations for her next week, and don’t forget, you probably won’t make all of those either, but that’s OK too. Sometimes it’s nice just to spend some time at home doing stuff together.

Those Times you Yelled At The Kids

No one has unlimited patience and every parent yells at their kids from time to time. If you feel bad about it, it’s a sure sign that you don’t do it very often, so cut yourself some slack. If you find you’re doing it a little too often then it’s time to take a little break and de-stress. Get a sitter for the afternoon and take yourself to the local day spa, have a facial and get your nails done, you’ll feel refreshed and reenergized afterward.

That Precious Thing you Threw in the Trash

It could have been any number of things, a favorite stuffed animal that was coming apart at the seams, a doll with a missing leg, a “masterpiece” painting from kindergarten. Bear in mind that kids are hoarders, if it wasn’t for you, their bedroom would be buried under a mountain of painted egg boxes. Don’t give yourself a hard time about organizing your kid’s room.

Put Your Feet up and Relax

It’s chillax time, and that means not only sitting down and giving yourself a physical break, but giving yourself a mental rest too. What you need now, is something to take your mind off the daily grind that will help you relax and refocus on your inner self. And an Android mandala coloring book app is just the thing.  It has a wide selection of designs for you to color at the touch of a finger. It will help you focus, lower your heart rate and blood pressure and boost your creativity. In fact, spending just ten minutes with this app has the same effects on your mind and body as ten minutes meditation would have.

Go on mom, give yourself a break, you deserve it!

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