January 10, 2019


Solar energy is simply energy emitted by the sun- a star at the center of the solar system and is the most powerful renewable source of energy. Solar energy or solar power invention dates back to 1876. William Grylls and a student of his; Richard Day are the persons behind solar energy invention. The duo discovered that when selenium was exposed to light, it produced electricity. This was not as successful as they’d wish it to be but they proved that light could be converted into electricity without heat or moving parts. This major discovery led to the solar energy/power that we enjoy today. To read more about the history of solar energy, click here .

One, however, wouldn’t help but ask themselves one good question; how do solar panels work? Well, in this informative and enlightening article, we will not only put you on the know on how solar panels work but also give you reasons as to why you ought to consider getting solar panels. There are three easy to remember ways on how solar panels work. First, solar panels receive energy from the sun. this results in Direct Current (DC) which might be a little too much and that is where an inverter comes in. an inverter is a device that converts the Direct Current into Alternating Current. This type of current has the right/standard voltage and can be used to power up your electric appliances in your home or machinery in your factory. For more in-depth information and questions revolving around solar panels and solar energy, visit: how do solar panels work . Having said that, let us now look at the reasons why you need to consider getting solar panels. Below are some of the reasons:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Saves on electric bills
  • Reliability
  • Free source of energy
  • Limitless
  • Durability/ low maintenance cost of the solar power systems.
  • Save the environment

Having stated the reasons why you need to consider getting solar panels, lets us expound on each of the above-stated reasons.


1. Increase the value of your property

If you are the kind that wishes to increase the value of your property, then solar panels should be the route to follow. This, however, is realized when one upgrades their solar power system. E.g.; from a 3killowat to a 5killowatt.

2. Saves on electric Bills

Installing a solar power system either in your home or factory will mean that you will no longer rely on electricity. This will for sure save you a lot when it comes to electric bills as solar energy is free energy from God and you pay nothing for it. if you have come to a point in life and realized that electric bills are digging deep into your pockets and you need to put an end to that, then solar panels are a thing you ought to consider. The most exciting thing is; you never have to pay electric bills all your life.

3. Reliability

One thing for sure that comes with solar panels is reliability. Solar panels are reliable in this sense; imagine the rates of electricity changed. Not for the better but for the worse. Worse in this way; you will have to cough up more money to pay for your electric bills. Another way in which solar panels are reliable is; unexpected power outages. Imagine this; in the middle of the night and you’re probably working from home trying hard to meet deadlines and the worst happens- a power outage occurs. This by default means that you can no longer continue with your work which might result in you risking your job. However, with solar power, there is no such thing as a power outage.

4. Free source of Energy

This here is easy. Solar energy is simply energy from the sun. which is freely available. The only thing you buy is the solar energy system which is a one-time thing. Enjoy free energy all your life by getting yourself a solar panel.

5. Limitless

Solar energy will at no point in life limit you. This means that you can use solar power at any time of the day and at the same time decrease your reliance on electric power.

6. Durability/ low maintenance cost of solar power Systems

Solar panels are not only durable but also cost you way much less in maintenance. One can even go for years without having to repair or replace any components of the solar power system such as inverters and batteries to the solar panels themselves. In the event where one has to repair a component of the solar power system, the costs are relatively low.

7. Save the Environment

One of the greatest enemies to the environment is carbon emissions. Carbon emissions are a result of burning fossil fuels. This results in global warming.  Global warming has detrimental effects on the environment such as extreme weather where we may experience overly hot summers and extremely cold winters. Solar energy is a renewable energy source and has no known negative effects on the environment.







Solar power ought to be the way to go regardless of some of the disadvantages that come along with it such as dependability on the weather. That, however, is not limiting as energy tapped from the sun can be stored. The ‘’uses a lot of space’’ disadvantage is arguably as one can have the solar panels installed on the roof. The initial cost of installing a solar power system is expensive but worthwhile. At first, it might not seem like you are saving much but it is always to keep in mind that this is a lifetime investment. The best thing about solar energy arguably it lets you kill two birds with one stone. You get to enjoy free energy which is reliable and at the same time save the environment for future generations. Some other renewable sources of energy are; biogas, nuclear energy, radiant energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, tidal energy and last but not least hydroelectricity. Solar power energy is the world’s second source of renewable energy. Click here to learn more about the various sources of renewable energy.