February 13, 2017

Pool Safety Fencing: Keeping Your Kids Safe

Our home is our safe-zone, the place we come to relax and put our mind at ease. Having a family brings added responsibilities that can make relaxing much harder with little ones on the loose. With normal anxieties of accidents and possible injury taking place inside the house, we also have to worry about what goes on outside the house, in the backyard.

glass pool fencing aquaview

Having a pool is a luxury, especially for a family with kids. Pools bring endless summer swimming fun for everyone to enjoy. Keeping the pool area safe, means having a pool fence that is durable and a pool gate that is secure from the kids, and all their curious backyard adventures. Once you have the proper barricade in place, you will spend less time worrying about the kid’s whereabouts and more time relaxing. Bringing peace to you and your home is essential when looking to safeguard the yard.

Making your pool area safe for your kids and up to code is extremely important. When choosing the right pool fence that meets all safety requirements, in a fashionable way, glass pool fences and glass railing systems made of thick tempered and laminated glass have been the new craze when thinking about upgrading the backyard. The smooth polished-edges make climbing over the pool’s fence near impossible. The height of the glass fences must meet safety requirements and the sturdiness of the materials used for the glass pool safety fence must be durable and able to withstand drastic changes in weather as well. Having a self-closing pool gate with a lockable latch is a must in making sure the door is shut when the kids are playing in the yard.

Parenting is a tough job and it can be hard trying to manage the daily to-do list, while having your kids, the neighbor’s kids, and the pets running around causing a raucous. There are things that are necessary for us to pay attention to when thinking about buying a home with a pool or simply remodeling the backyard. By choosing a glass pool fence, it gives parents the ability to see what is going on! Are the kids playing nice? Is everyone accounted for? These questions are more easily answered with a clear view pool fence, allowing parents freedom to see everything going on at a quick glance. The struggles of wondering if the kids are okay, is over.

Children have an innocence that is precious, yet even the most well behaved kid can unknowingly wander into the wrong places. Make sure your pool fence and pool gate is up to code, and if it isn’t, make it a top priority. It’s our job to watch over the little ones, the curious climbers, and the wandering souls, and with proper pool fences, gates, and railing systems, it will make coming home to relax feel that much better knowing the kids will be safe.