June 2, 2019

Is Cleaning Your Home with Harsh Chemicals Detrimental to Your Baby’s Health?

Cleaning with harsh chemicals can affect your baby’s health in a myriad of ways. As a parent, you do everything you possibly can to provide a clean environment for your baby. Unfortunately, harsh chemicals can have a negative impact on an infant’s health and can even lead to long-term damage. Knowing the risks involved in using dangerous cleaners allows parents to be proactive in protecting their child.

The Dangers of Chemical Cleaners

Not only are harsh chemical cleaners bad for babies, but they are also dangerous for you. Instead of using chemicals to clean your home, learn Professional Tips from Hotel Housekeepers, and create a safe home environment that is clean and inviting. The dangers of chemical cleaners include the following.

  1. Poisoning is the biggest reason parents should avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals. Each year, over a million children suffer from injuries due to consuming poisons found in chemical cleaners. Having these cleaners in your home increases the risk of accidental poisoning.
  1. Airway irritation is another one of the dangers of chemical cleaners. When a baby breathes in harsh chemicals, the lining of their respiratory system becomes inflamed. Constant exposure to chemical cleaners leads to a higher incidence of asthma.
  1. Some household cleaners contain harmful ingredients such as phthalates. While much research still needs to be conducted on the dangers, phthalates have been linked to hormone disruption. Avoiding chemical cleaners with phthalates will protect your baby.
  1. The chemical ingredients in some household cleaners can lead to skin irritations. Your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive. Exposure to chemicals can cause the development of conditions like eczema which can make your baby uncomfortable and can sometimes lead to skin infections.

Toxic chemicals abound in cleaning products. Thankfully, there are natural products that can be used in place of chemical cleaners so your home will be safe for your baby.

The Benefits of Choosing Natural Cleaners

Natural cleaning products are not only better for baby, but they are also better for the environment. Choosing natural cleaners over their chemical counterparts offers many benefits, including the following.

  • Natural cleaners do not change the air quality of a home so you and your baby can breathe easy.
  • With no chemical cleaners, there is no risk for accidental poisonings that can lead to serious injuries and even death.
  • Homes using natural cleaners experience fewer allergies and asthma symptoms.
  • Exposure to natural cleaners does not cause circulatory system damage.
  • These products are better for the environment and do not contribute to toxicity.
  • Using natural cleaners is a cost-effective solution that saves parents money.

Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Home

Keeping a home healthy and clean for your baby is not difficult. Using all-natural cleaners like vinegar and oranges keeps your home clean without the dangers. When choosing cleaning products, look for the following.

  • Plant-based without petroleum products
  • pH neutral
  • Biodegradable
  • Pump bottles (No aerosols)

Avoid using chemical air fresheners that can lead to lung and airway irritations. As a healthy alternative, boil cinnamon sticks with orange peels and your home will smell beautifully inviting without the dangers.


Your precious baby deserves a clean home that is free of dangerous chemical cleaners. Choose natural cleaning options and your baby’s health will be protected. Eliminating these harmful products will protect the health of your entire family.