July 14, 2013

Planning a Luxury Family Reunion in Virgin Gorda

Putting together an enjoyable luxury family reunion is no easy task, but choosing the right location is half the battle. Pleasant and attractive surroundings are obviously important, but you’ll also want enough available options to suit the many different ages, lifestyles, and personal tastes in your family. In terms of offering something for everyone in a beautiful, tranquil setting, you can’t go wrong with Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.

Family Accommodations

Starting with accommodations, luxury Virgin Gorda vacation rentals often include several bedrooms as well as useful perks like large swimming pools and lush tropical gardens to set an idyllic family atmosphere. Large communal areas such as these are important, as much of your family’s interaction will likely take place here.

Exploring The Baths of Virgin Gorda

Of course, members of your group will also want to venture out and explore a bit on their own, and this is where Virgin Gorda really begins to shine. The island is full of breathtakingly beautiful beaches, and The Baths is a popular site at the southern end of the island.

Here, huge granite boulders have stacked up over the ages to form scenic coves and grottoes that open out to the sea. There are also great diving and snorkeling opportunities all over the island, and the Little Fort National Park is a lovely nature sanctuary full of exotic birds and sweeping hilltop vistas that scan out over the azure seas.

Planning Ahead

Now that you know where you’re going, let’s turn our attention to planning the reunion itself. You’ll want to start planning roughly a year in advance for a trip like this, so that everyone has adequate time to coordinate work and school vacation schedules.

One of the first big decisions is how long to stay – depending on how often one’s family gets together, a reunion typically lasts from a weekend to an entire week. Decisions like this are much easier if you recruit one key person from each nuclear family to help with communications throughout the process.

Once you’ve tackled the big questions like dates, flights and accommodations, use your key family contacts to get a feel for developing planned group activities vs. allowing for free time. Every family is different in this regard, and finding the right balance is key to ensuring everyone enjoys their time on Virgin Gorda.

Finally, be sure to research meal options so that you don’t find yourself stuck on a Friday night trying to arrange a table for 40. Which restaurants are located nearby, and when are they open? Are you planning group meals or barbecues at the villa? How will you handle breakfast?

Meals obviously can’t be planned as much as other aspects, but knowing your options ahead of time will certainly help. Above all, have fun. You’re on vacation, after all!