July 29, 2013


The Queen Mary 2 from luxury cruise provider Cunard is the biggest, most expensive and arguably one of the most iconic cruise liners in the world. It was added to the Cunard fleet in 2004 and this year it celebrates its 200th transatlantic crossing. Cunard prides itself on incredible service, world class food and drink, and some of the best on-board entertainment you can imagine. So it’s no wonder they want to celebrate the QM2 – a feat of engineering and design.

Can you guess how many hours it took to design to this cruise ship? How many cups of tea have been consumed aboard the ship since it first took to the waters? Or how many passengers have been transported on their travels to see the world? Cunard have just released an infographic that answers all these questions and features a range of other interesting facts and insights about the ship.

Check out the infographic below to find out just what’s so special about this impressive craft. You can read more about Cunard cruises here and see pictures of the Queen Mary 2 on the Cunard Pinterest page.