October 3, 2012

Go to the Beach While on Your California Vacation

Trying to decide where to go on your next vacation? Have you given much thought to southern California? Los Angeles and the surrounding areas can be the best vacation destination because there is so much to see and do. The weather is always great; people are interesting, and you’ll find everything from the glamour of Hollywood to great beaches; all within a short distance.

While on a trip to L.A. you can visit all the traditional tourist hotspots; places like Rodeo Drive, Venice beach, Universal Studios and even Disneyworld, but if you have a couple of extra days you don’t want to miss the California gem, Laguna Beach. A scenic drive along Highway 1 and a night in one of the quaint Laguna Beach Hotels offers you the chance to see the wild scenic beauty of the California Pacific coastline. So what should you plan on doing once you get to California? The following are just a few great places you may want to visit when you are in the southern California region:

1 – Rodeo Drive – once you arrive in Los Angeles you have to visit the shopping area of the rich and famous. With prices in the thousands of dollars, you may not be ready to buy anything, but window shopping, stopping for a bite to eat and doing a bit of “Star” watching is certainly a lot of fun; and who knows you may find that one-of-a-kind item you can’t do without.

2 – Venice Beach – this gives you a feel for what L.A. locals are like. Enjoy watching the street shows, the surfers and pick up something tasty as you walk along the boardwalk.

3 – Universal Studios – While in L.A. be sure to take a tour of Universal Studios. Learn how movies are made and visit sets from some of the most popular movies ever made.

4 – Disneyland – When you finish with the L.A sights head over to Anaheim and spend the day in Disneyland. This theme park offers memories for people from all over the world.

A Scenic Drive

Once you’ve seen the sights in Los Angeles, and you are tired of the big-city life then head out towards the coast. Driving along Hwy 1 is beautiful as you’ll get lots of chances to see the pacific ocean crashing against the sides of the California mountains. Head over to Laguna Beach and spend a day or two enjoying the sun, sand and the almost total isolation of some of the most beautiful beaches in America.

Stay in one of the historic Laguna beach hotels, taste some of the local seafood fare and in the evening walk into one of the beach bar dives and listen to the surly locals talk of the local news and events (the surliness is really just an act to make the place more interesting.)

In the morning lounge out by the pool or take a walk down to 1,000 step beach, one of Laguna Beach’s hidden gems. Walk down the 1,000 steps to a fairly isolated beach. Bathe in the pools that form from the high tide hitting the beach rocks. Search for crabs, oysters and other small sea creatures. Walk along the beach and explore the old abandoned building or peer into the caves. If your brave and its low tide you can do a little exploring here.

Head back to your hotel in the afternoon, and plan an evening out in the Marine Room Tavern, the perfect beach hangout. This bar offers the best music in Orange County and it has a bit of history to it too. The founder was the first Laguna Beach resident back in 1878 (now owned by great grandchildren).

The next day stroll around town enjoying the shops, galleries and public art work. Stop in any of the little café’s for lunch and then head back to Los Angeles or drive down to San Diego to see the sights there.

Image by Automania