October 3, 2012

The Three Best Hotels for Families in Stockholm

There are all sorts of Hotels in Stockholm but not all of them are ones that cater to families. Fortunately, there are some options that are available for families to use. These hotels are found in many parts around Stockholm and include many things that everyone in the family can enjoy. Here is a look at three of the best hotels to find here.

The Three Best Hotels for Families in Stockholm – The Hotel Rival

The first option to think about for family travel is the Hotel Rival at Mariatorget 3. The Hotel Rival is located not too far from the southern bank of the river and is right near the Centralbron. The hotel is home to a variety of rooms that can handle four or more people. The hotel features plenty of space in its rooms for all sorts of functions including separate work spaces for parents, larger bathrooms for all the care needs kids have and more.

The hotel is also popular for having a number of events for all members of the family to enjoy. The Cinema Rival hosts different events throughout the year. There is also a large bistro that caters to the dietary needs of guests of all ages. It makes for a hotel that is never boring or dull and has more to offer for the people who stay there.

The Three Best Hotels for Families in Stockholm – The Skeppsholmen Islet

The Hotel Skeppsholmen on the Skeppsholmen Islet at Grona Gangen 1 is the second choice to see among hotels for families in the city. The hotel caters to those who are traveling for recreational purposes including families. The rooms are designed with large sections for living purposes. In fact, the past use of this building as a naval barracks has made it so there are many living features to handle in different rooms including some small kitchen spaces.

The free breakfast at this hotel is particularly useful for families. The suite arrangements in the rooms are also made to give families more space for all their things as they are traveling.

The Three Best Hotels for Families in Stockholm – The Stallmastaregarden Hotel

The Stallmastaregarden Hotel at Norrtull near E18 is the third option for families to find in Stockholm. The hotel was built around a series of old stables and is not too far from the Ekebyparken forest and the Ekebysjon pond. The area is very peaceful and caters to all members of the family.

In fact, the hotel has various different activities for families and kids to enjoy. These include a series of outdoor activities that take place in the public park areas around the hotel.

The rooms at the Stallmastaregarden are also arranged with several different rooms around them. These include a few individual rooms dedicated to things like reading or recreation. Some of the rooms even include some outside patio spaces. These include a few private sports for family members to relax in peace around.

These hotels are great for families in Stockholm to take a look at. They are hotels that feature different kinds of amenities for families and are in different parts of the city. They offer all sorts of enjoyable things that include different places and spots for people to relax in and to have more fun around.

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Image by Alcaide