January 21, 2017

How Your Daily Routine Can Save The Planet 

Planet Earth needs your help, for too many years, humans have plundered the earth and done an incredible amount of damage, some damage which cannot be undone. You will no doubt have read all about climate change and its worrying effects on the globe as a result of the way that we have treated the environment.


Thankfully there is hope and there is action that we can take as a race to improve the chances of maintaining the planet for generations to come. With inspirational and forward-thinking people like Jonathan Schrag who are fighting the good fight on cutting down carbon emissions, our World has an opportunity to improve. We need everyone’s help, you included, and here are just some of the ways in which you can play your role in cutting down carbon emissions.

Drive Less

Cars are notorious for the high amount of carbon emissions which they pump out and if you want to reduce your carbon footprint then you should look to drive less and take advantage of public transport and carpooling options. There have been some great technological breakthroughs in the car industry with electric cars and low-emission cars on the market but still the best way that you can help out on the road is through sharing the journey.

Use Less Electricity

We are finding new and innovative ways to create electricity but the grid still remains are key source and that has a huge impact on the environment. For your part you should be looking at reducing how much electricity you use and try to avoid unnecessarily using electricity. Leaving things on around the home when you are not using them is a dreadful waste of electric and it will not only cost you money that doesn’t need to be spent, but it will also negatively impact the environment.

Laptop Over Desktop

Laptops are significantly more efficient than desktops, up to 80%, and if you are looking at getting a computer in the home then a laptop should be the choice that you make. Laptop manufacturers’ biggest challenge is battery life and as such they can be used for a far greater time after a single charge then ever before, compare that with a desktop which will continuously use electricity and the decision becomes something of a no-brainer.

Read Your News and Gossip Online

When it comes to reading the daily news or your favorite gossip magazine you should be looking to take advantage of the online versions. The paper that is required for this practice has seen millions of tress cut down and the energy usage that printing presses use is staggering. Add to that the gas that is required to get the paper out across the whole country or even other countries and you can soon start to see just how big a damaging effect that the World of newspapers and magazines can have on the environment. Do your part and stop buying the paper and pick up your tablet instead.