March 23, 2016

What to do when your child is rejected from their top choice school

If your child is rejected from their top choice school (such as Eton), you need to act quickly if you are to salvage their chances of getting in ... photo by CC user Graham Horn on

Photo by CC user Graham Horn on

Over the past decade or so, the labor market in the United Kingdom and throughout the world has been tightening significantly. As a result, competition for entry into private schools throughout the country has been intensifying at a rate not seen in recent memory.

While you may think that your child is qualified for entry, there is a decent chance that they might be rejected for admission to their school of choice on their first try. If this happens to you, do not lose heart; below, we will go over a few ways you can proceed should you get the dreaded rejection letter in the post that informs you that your child was rejected from their top choice school…

Appeal the decision

The first thing you should do when faced with rejection by private schools is to appeal the decision as promptly as possible. While no one ever wants to deal with having a child rejected by private school, the quicker you face up to this reality and act decisively, the better chance that you will end up having a positive result in the end.

When you go about the process of appealing a private school rejection, it is vitally important that you have the best legal counsel in your corner. Due to the highly competitive nature of private school admissions, do your legal research before you even submit an application, as responding quickly to a possible rejection is paramount in mounting a successful appeal.

Consider home-schooling

If you are in the part of the United Kingdom where the quality of state schools leaves much to be desired, it may be well worth your while to consider home-schooling. If the thought of teaching is far too overwhelming for you though, an easy solution to this matter involves hiring a full-time tutor.

There are many agencies that offer highly trained and flexible instructors that are skilled in a wide slate of subjects, so don’t lose heart if all your private school applications fall through, as this method of educating your child can often be superior to the state-run options in your area.

Pursue state schooling with part-time tutoring on the side

Despite the assertions in the previous section, many state schools throughout the United Kingdom are more than adequate in many subject areas.

However, we know that you are well aware of the highly competitive nature of the workforce in the 21st century; to that end, you can supplement the schooling that your child gets at the state level with private tutoring in areas where you want your child to excel, or where they need extra support.

In this way, you can help bolster your child’s academic pedigree so that when they go to apply for private school at a later age, they will be in better shape to contest for a spot.